From (requirements) – basic Python knowledge

To (target) – advanced knowledge of Python, extending use of objects, better code structure, optimized operations through advanced Python functionality

How (structure) – modular, to allow customization of topics if needed.


Every topic is illustrated in a practical manner using exercises and code snippets.

The layout of this course is arranged so as to provide a practical approach, increasing exercises in complexity.

The course duration is 32 hours, over a 4 days period.

Topics covered

  1. Intro
    1. A brief Python (basic) recap
  2. Better OOP
    1. Operator overloading
    2. Decorators – static & abstract methods
    3. Creating decorators
    4. Magical methods
    5. Properties 
  1. Reflection and introspection
  2. Advanced Python structures
    1. List comprehension
    2. Generators
  3. Multithreading
    1. How to
    2. Limitations & solutions
  4. Useful modules
    1. XML parsing
    2. Serializing
    3. Archiving
    4. Etc
  5. Interacting with C
    1. Intro to loading and using C DLLs
  6. Time to put everything to practice! – apps

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