Developing Business Applications with Microsoft PowerApps



The main purpose of the course is to give students a good understanding of how to build mobile friendly applications without any programming knowledge to allow users to browse and modify data stored in SharePoint or Excel.


Audience profile

This course is intended for users who are familiar with working with data.


Course duration

The course length is 4 days.



Module 1: Introduction to Power Apps

This module describes the Power Apps environment.

  • Introducing Power Apps
  • Creating first app
  • Sharing apps


Module 2: Refining your app

This module is focused on creating an app from SharePoint and Excel data, create screens and add functionality with controls.

  • Explore data sources, use formulas
  • Customize screens
  • Use controls
  • Work with data
  • Work with images
  • Using charts
  • Securing apps


Module 3: Maintaining your app

This module will illustrate how you can use Flows to augment your PowerApps and vice versa.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Flow
  • Extending Power Apps with Microsoft Flow