From (requirements) – knowledge of computer use, any programming knowledge. An IDE – Intelli-J IDEA or alternatives.

  • Mid-level Java knowledge is a must (topics covered in my Basic Java training)
  • Any missing topic must be communicated prior to starting the training to allow adaptation of topics.

To (target) – Advanced knowledge of the Java programming language and the Java API. Knowledge of multithreading and reflection APIs and Java application distribution.

How (structure) – modular, to allow customization of topics if needed.


Every topic is illustrated in a practical manner using exercises and code snippets.

The layout of this course is arranged so as to provide a practical approach, increasing exercises in complexity.

The course duration is 24 hours, over a 3 days period.

Topics covered

  1. Intro
    1. Basics recap – Java, OOP 
  1. Classes – behind the scenes
    1. This 
  1. More on OOP
    1. Extended notions of
      1. Interfaces
      2. Abstract classes
    2. Serialization
    3. Sockets
      1. Basic networking
    4. Java generics
    5. Multithreading
      1. Common pitfalls
      2. Synchronization
    6. IPC
    7. Reflection API
    8. Intro into good code structure
      1. Common of design patterns
    9. Application distribution
      1. Jar files

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