From (requirements) – knowledge of computer use, C programming knowledge. An IDE – Visual Studio 2015 with Boost support.

  • Mid-level C++ knowledge is a must (topics covered in my Basic C++ training)
  • Any missing topic must be communicated prior to starting the training to allow adaptation of topics.

To (target) – Strong use of C++ using C++11/14 features, multithreading.

How (structure) – modular, to allow customization of topics if needed.


Every topic is illustrated in a practical manner using exercises and code snippets.

The layout of this course is arranged so as to provide a practical approach, increasing exercises in complexity.

The course duration is 32 hours, over a 4 days period.

Topics covered

  1. Intro
    1. Basics recap – C++ OOP
  2. Classes – behind the scenes
    1. This
  3. Casts (C++ Style)
  4. More on exceptions
  5. Operator overloading
    1. Generic operators
    2. Classes
  6. Smart pointers – STL & Boost
  7. More on templates & Generic programming
  8. Threads & Synchronization
    1. Concepts
    2. Boost threads
  9. Intro into good code structure
    1. Basics of design patterns
  10. More modern C++
    1. For-each
    2. Default values for non-static members
    3. Uniform initialization
    4. Etc.