From (requirements) – knowledge of computer use, C programming knowledge. An IDE – Visual Studio 2015 with Boost support.

  • The level of C knowledge of attendees should be communicated prior to starting the training, to allow adapting the material.
  • Also, how much to focus on the Boost library should be communicated.

To (target) – Strong C++ knowledge, including imperative but mostly OOP. Modern techniques, including basic functional programming through C++11/14 features. Knowledge to extend C++ STL through Boost.

How (structure) – modular, to allow customization of topics if needed.


Every topic is illustrated in a practical manner using exercises and code snippets.

The layout of this course is arranged so as to provide a practical approach, increasing exercises in complexity.

The course duration is 40 hours, over a 5 days period.

Topics covered

  1. Intro
    1. Basics recap – C fundamentals common points
  2. From C to C++
    1. Strings
    2. The Stream concept
      1. Standard I/O
      2. Dynamic memory
      3. Working with files
  1. Diving into STL
    1. Containers
    2. Algorithms
  2. Namespaces
  3. Classes & Objects
    1. OOP introduction
      1. Concepts
    2. From struct to class
    3. Inheritance
      1. Good practices
      2. Pitfalls
    4. Overloading
    5. Polymorphism
    6. Abstraction & Interfaces
    7. Static members
  4. Pointers & References
    1. Arguments passing
  5. Exception handling
  6. Templates
  7. C++11/14 introduction
  8. Improving STL with Boost

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