Why choose us:

  • We are the best in what we do, this fact is supported by our tradition in training delivery, feedback and references.
  • We have the greatest experience of over 40 years in IT training delivery.
  • Our trainers possess national or international certifications.
  • We provide unbiased advice through specialized consultancy, customized to the client's profile.
  • We develop customized trainings, adapted to the customers' requirements and we are active as an integrator of training solutions.
  • We offer over 1000 training courses from the portfolio of the best vendors in this industry.
  • We can organize trainings anywhere in the country, at your office, through our mobile training room.
  • Over 2000 people took the free training courses financed through the 7 European projects for IT training that we have implemented.
  • All official training courses are delivered together with the original training support of the vendor.

What is available:

  • Training courses aimed for basic/average/advanced users of programs from the Microsoft Office suite, ECDL, computer graphics, programming.
  • Training courses from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Vmware, RedHat, Linux, IBM for IT specialists.
  • Trainings on updates aimed for those who upgrade to new software versions.
  • Workshops
  • Analysis of the IT training needs.
  • Open training courses.
  • Private training courses.
  • Free training courses through POSDRU financed programs.
  • Q&A session
  • Nationally and internationally recognized certifications.

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