MOBILE CLASSROOMS – We bring IT training courses directly to your company's location.
Our two mobile training classrooms are a flexible and efficient solution to provide you training courses with a trainer in any location in the country. Our aim is to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees by delivering a practical training, adapted to your company's requirements and needs.

The mobile classroom is the best option if:

  • You are preparing for a software update/ upgrade.
  • You would like to have a customized training without using your organization's computers.
  • Your location is situated at a large distance from our head office in Timisoara.

Benefits for customers and employees:
Organizing training sessions at the customer's premises is a way to take advantage of quality training courses, with a significant reduction of costs:

  1. It eliminates travel, accommodation and business trip expenses for participants.
  2. It minimizes the time lost for traveling to a fixed training location.
  3. It enables you to choose the training period and hours.
  4. It allows the creation of a customized theme, based on the knowledge and requirements of your employees.
  5. Discussing real practical cases from your company.
  6. It increases the participation of your employees at the training, due to the location.
  7. It eliminates the necessity to move computers or other equipment.
  8. It reduces costs required for equipping a training classroom.

Presentation of the mobile classroom

  • Mobile classroom 1 – useful for office training courses: 12 HUSK laptops, flipchart, video projector
  • Mobile classroom 2 – aimed for training courses for IT specialists: 18 DELL laptops, flipchart, video projector

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