TRAINING ROOMS AT OUR HEAD OFFICE – attend our open training courses
In our office located in the center of Timisoara, there are 3 training rooms equipped with computers and laptops carefully prepared to support any training course both for IT users and for IT specialists.

The fixed room is the best option:

  • You have a low number of participants at the training.
  • You would like to have a course without using computers from your organization.
  • Your location is situated at a small distance from our head office in Timisoara.

Benefits for customers and employees:
By organizing training courses at our head office you get the following advantages:

  1. Diminishing the pressure of job problems, enabling a better focus on the course theme.
  2. Choosing a standard training, which enables participants to take an exam for a national or international certification.
  3. Improves retention and application of learned notions due to interaction with other participants, since it facilitates learning from both the trainer, and from colleagues as well.
  4. Choosing an adequate timing – during working hours, outside working hours or in weekend.
  5. It increases the efficiency of employees, which shall lead to a reduction of timing required for job tasks.

Presentation of fixed rooms

  • Room 1 – adequate for office training: 20 workstations, smartboard, video projector
  • Room 2 – for IT specialists trainings: 14 DELL workstations, whiteboard, video projector, CISCO networking equipment
  • Room 3 – for IT specialists trainings: 18 DELL laptops, videoprojector

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