This is a training for managers, team leaders of team members who wish to use more efficiently the project management and control instruments.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills
To participate to this training, you need to have computer operating knowledge.

Training presentation
The training’s duration is of 16 hours and has an interactive approach, by presenting all the functions in a project, useful in planning, implementing and monitoring of projects.

The training includes the following topics:

  • Creating a project plan:
  • Project calendar, properties of project type files
  • Activities: introduction of activities, phases, milestones, links between activities, calendars, repeated activities, constraints, deadlines;
  • Resources: persons, materials and equipment, resource calendars;
  • Assigning resources to activities: resource allocation planning, solving over-allocation issues, critical path viewing;
  • Information displaying and disseminating: using data filters and groups, creating relevant reports, data printing, data import/export to Microsoft Excel;
  • Monitoring and control: recording real data, progress monitoring in accordance with the project plan, project running status, project evolution forecast;
  • Working with multiple projects: resource groups, projects using common resources, load of a resource allocated on multiple project, calendar modification, dependencies between activities

Skills to be acquired
The participants shall become familiar with planning instruments, highlighting the activity progress, continuous and real time monitoring of resources and budget use.

Knowledge level certification
There will be an exam at the end of the training and those who pass it shall receive a Graduation certificate with national recognition, bearing the header of the National Authority for Qualifications.

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