This training is recommended for medium-advanced Excel users who wish to create reports by using the PowerPivot tool.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills
You need to have medium-advanced Excel knowledge to participate to this training.

Training presentation
This training has a duration of 16 hours and takes place interactively, with models and case studies that can be applied in the current activity of a company.

This training includes the following topics:

■ Introduction in PowerPivot: add-on installation, data model used by PowerPivot.

■ Loading data in PowerPivot: copying data in PowerPivot, loading data in PowerPivot from various sources (text files, Excel, Access, Data Feeds, SQL Server or Reporting Services), establishing data types for collected information, creating relationships between tables.

■ PowerPivot functions (DAX expressions):

  • date and time (Date, DateValue, Today, Now, Day, Month, Year, Edate, Eomonth, Workday, Weeknum, Time, Timevalue);
  • mathematical (Round, Roundup, Rounddown);
  • text (Upper, Lower, Concatenate, Left, Right, Mid, Len, Find, Search, Format);
  • logical and information (If, Iferror, And, Or, Not, Isblank, Iserror, Islogical, Isnontext, Isnumber, Istext);
  • aggregation (SumX, AverageX, CountX, CountaX, MinX, MaxX);
  • data fetch from other tables (Related, RelatedTable);

■ Measures: implicit and explicit, functions used in measure calculation, filtering functions, Time Intelligence, creation, editing and viewing of KPI’s.

■ Creating reports: creating pivot tables, slicers and sparkline, using perspectives, data sets, creating hierarchies, converting a pivot table into a cube format.

Skills to be acquired
The participants shall acquire knowledge necessary for accessing data sources, relationship creation, using DAX expressions, creating and formatting reports.

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