Zax Mes provides a high-level visibility of production, the collected data can be accessed in real time and they allow a reduction of the planning and execution start times, a reduction of the stocks and a minimization of the number of faulty products. Visibility of the production line in real time offers production managers the possibility to make informed decisions on time; whereas in most organizations the state of production is only known at ”the ends” of the production lines – the launch order and the reporting of finished products in inventory – by using ZAX Solution you can implement ”n” points of control and alert. Moreover, ZAX MES may be implemented as middleware between the production line and the existing software solutions using a bidirectional communication channel.


The goods stock are easily managed in ZAX DEPOZIT. ZAX may use standard label printers and it allows integration with barcode scanners for a quick identification and processing of the receipt, delivery or internal transfer documents. The products are identified in the warehouse based on their location and ZAX offers the possibility to use multiple codes for each product. Every movement of the products is recorded and it creates an extended history with full traceability information. ZAX Depozit offers the analysis in real time of the stock status, stock balance, supplier documents and delivery.


Client relationship monitoring is improved by ZAX Sales. Setting the price and discount policies, creating invoices and notices as well as tracking payments. Information on clients and on sales are available in real time in reports and dynamic statements. The reports may be exported and dynamically interrogated based on the time period, the commercial area, price policies applied, discounts.

ZAX Park

Delivery streamlining can only be achieved by means of a rigorous management of the vehicle fleet. ZAX Park is the component of ZAX Solution that manages the vehicle fleet, no matter its size. ZAX Park offers integration with Safe Fleet for GPS tracking of motor vehicles and it offers the possibility to associate documents with each single vehicle, to generate alerts for limited validity documents, to track supply and consumption per vehicle. All the collected data offer the opportunity to streamline transport and reduce the related costs.

ZAX Ferma

The ZAX Ferma software solution offers the tools required to manage an animal farm, managing the zootechnical process flow starting from the receipt of the animal batches, identification and registration of the animals in accordance with the ANSVSA (National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority) standards in force. Moreover, by using ZAX Ferma you can easily follow the calculation of costs per kilogram of animal growth and per feeding day; it helps with the animal evaluation procedures and tracking the live weight as well as the weight gain.

ZAX Agents

Tracking sales agents' interactions with the customers in real time is easily done with the assistance of ZAX Agents, the application runs of Android mobile phones. ZAX Agents automatically takes over the location of the sales agent and allows him to record customers' orders, payments, invoices, to view the status for each customer or the interaction history. Data are centralized in real time in the ZAX Solution offering managers the possibility to check the commitment level of the employees.