Solutii Externalizare

If the management of a company’s IT infrastructure, from the physical management of equipment (configuration, maintenance, cooling, supply) to OS management, causes issues that affect business efficiency, ETA2U can provide a modern Datacenter that will host the company's infrastructure. 

Server Hosting

Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-service are two of the solutions offered in the Datacenter ETA2U with which we can configure and make available to our customers physical or virtual servers for the most types of applications with the most various systems operating under conditions of maximum security. 

Virtual servers are isolated from each other and can be created in any configuration required (number of processors, amount of RAM memory, storage capacity, fast disks, etc.). ETA2U provides services that help customers migrate, build, develop and manage their own infrastructure.

Application Hosting

Traditionally, companies develop and maintain their own internal infrastructure for running critical applications.

With Software-as-a-Service, the companies can access applications that are hosted online, thus reducing costs by paying strictly the resources consumed and benefiting, at the same time,  from upgrades of continuous operation.  Examples of such solutions:

  • ERP-as-a- Service
  • CRM-as-a-Service
  • FileServer-as-a-Service

When the IT infrastructure is outsourced, the main business benefit is migrating the risk from the company to a third-party specialized company. The company will keep its focus on the core business while the third party will manage the IT infrastructure and all related services under an SLA agreement concluded between the parties.

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