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You have now the opportunity to make offsite backups without the cost and complexity associated with the management of an offsite infrastructure! Based on Veeam Cloud Connect, Online Backup and Recovery Service from ETA2U provides an integrated, fast and safe way to save and recover on and from an online infrastructure.

The "3-2-1" Backup principle Approach

The "3-2-1" backup principle claims that it is necessary to preserve 3 data copies on 2 different media of which one copy should be offsite. Saving an offsite copy may be difficult due to the limitations of the available bandwidth, of the increasing data volume and lack of resources for the realization and maintenance of an offsite infrastructure.

By the Online Backup and Recovery Service from ETA2U based on Veeam Cloud Connect you can perform backup principle "3-2-1" without incurring the costs and resources required by an offsite  infrastructure and without the need to increase the existing bandwidth. You can take advantage of the WAN Acceleration technology built into the Veeam Backup and many more.

Adding an offsite backup is very easy

Online Backup and Recovery from ETA2U based on Veeam Cloud Connect offers you a range of features designed to help you avoid the risk of data loss and malfunctions caused by these losses. Among the provided benefits, there are:

Hosted Offsite Backup  – You can save a copy of your data off site via a secure SSL connection without having to add additional Veeam licenses.
Total Control and Visibility  – Access and recover the off site copies directly from the backup console.
Modern Architecture Backup – backup copies with WAN integrated acceleration, incremental backup or retention policies type GFS are just some of the capabilities, all integrated into a single product.
End-to-end Encryption – All data is encrypted at source (before leaving your network), are transferred and stored encrypted. All without adversely impacting the data compression capabilities.

Special – Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery “as a service”

The Online Backup and Recovery Solution was complemented by ETA2U architects, in order to provide full Disaster Recovery Service, guaranteed by an SLA that allows companies to fully comply with IT security audits in this respect as well, in a very short time and without the initial investments!

There are no more reasons fr you to delay implementing a Disaster Recovery solution! Now is the best time to make your investment safe.

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