The small and medium-size companies, micro companies and the farm owners began the battle for European funds for the non-agriculture business from the rural environment.

Today, July 20, 2016, AFIR published the consolidated Guidebooks for Sub-measure 6.2. “Support for creating non-agriculture activities in rural areas” and Sub-measure 6.4 “Investments in creating and developing non-agriculture activities” within PNDR.

According to the representatives of AFIR, shortly the final versions approved by the Order of the minister will be made available too. However, the versions of the Guidebooks published today are complete and may become the work basis for drafting the projects with the aim to submit them.

Sub-measure 6.2. refers to creating new non-agriculture activities for the small entrepreneurs in the rural environment. The farm owners not have the possibility to diversify their activities by creating a non-agriculture activity, and the entrepreneurs that already developed a non-agriculture activity have the possibility to begin a new non-agriculture activity, which would not be complementary to the existing one. The funding is ideal for the entrepreneurs that want to launch a brand new start-up in the rural environment, and never had an activity until now.

Sub-measure 6.4. is meant for the micro companies and small companies in the rural environment that create or develop non-agriculture activities in the rural areas. As well, the farm owners or members of the agriculture household wanting to diversify their activities, by unfolding non-agriculture activities, are targeted too. Unlike the first funding line presented above (sub-measure 6.2), this non-reimbursable funding possibility grants support for developing some of the existing non-agriculture activities too, not just the completely new non-agriculture activities.

Source: AFIR