The objective of the Program is to stimulate the development of crafts and small industry of Romania, strengthening the class of small craftspersons and artisans, who develop their activities individually or in an organized manner, by some associations or organizations, mainly in the rural settlements, as well as in the urban ones, protecting the trades that imply a high number of operations made by hand and relaunching the services and products made by them, mainly those with a traditional specificity, including folk art and artisan items, and promoting those products and services on the domestic and international markets.

By organizing eight Regional Fairs for Arts and Crafts 2015 and 48 Traditional Markets, the Program aims at supporting the small craftspersons by promoting their own products and preserving and simulating the broader promotion of the autochthonous traditions by

  1. a) obtaining new external markets for that type of products and services;
    b) stimulating the domestic demand of services and products, which imply a high degree of manual processing;
    c) increasing the visibility on the market of craftspersons and of the products and services they provide;
    d) improving the craftspersons’ access to market information and facilitating the utilization of that information;
    e) developing the business contacts and setting out some partner connections;
    f) promoting the services and products made, by the use of traditional technologies and having a significant hand processing component;

In the Program, the next terms have the next definitions

  1. a) craft products and services, included in the small industry and artisanal – the products and services made by craftspersons and artisans in small series or as unique items, be it by the help of handheld tools or even mechanic devices, as long as the manual contribution of the craftsperson or artisan remains the main part of the end product, which is characterized by

- has no restrictions on the quantity and was made by using raw unprocessed materials, generally using the natural resources;
- the special type of the crafts and artisan products derive from their distinctive traits, such as: artistic, creative, cultural, decorative, traditional, symbolic and significant from a community and religious standpoint;  
- comprises a broad range of objects and activities, which employ the techniques, raw materials, traditional forms and ornaments, as well as those of the folk creation of various genres;  
- products and services having artistic and utility value, which keep the specificity of the manual and traditional specificity.  

  1. b) folk art products – they are the products made by the folk creators and artisans, which keep the authentic character and the ethnic and/ or cultural specificity of a certain area. 

European Week of Small and Medium-Size Companies 2015

The program is an integral part of the European Week of Small and Medium-Size Companies 2015, which will take place in November. The European Week of Small and Medium-Size Companies 2015 is a campaign promoting entrepreneurship in Europe and was created for informing the entrepreneurs on the aid they can receive from the EU, national, and local authorities.  That event makes available to the IMM’s a broad range of information, advice, aid and ideas with the aim to develop their activities. The European Week of Small and Medium-Size Companies 2015 encourages and help the IMM’s to reach their maximum potential.    

This procedure establishes a transparent scheme of de minimis aid.

The scheme applies throughout Romania, in all 8 development regions.

Budget of the funding program

To be determined at the time of launching the funding program.

Eligible beneficiaries

The economic entities that are small and medium-size companies, defined according to the provisions of Law no. 346/ 2004 on stimulating the incorporation and development of the small and medium-size companies, with the subsequent modifications and completions, which adapts Regulation EC no. 361 of May 6, 2003 published in the Official Journal of EU no. L124 of May 20, 2003 in the Romanian legislation, be they commercial companies, cooperatives, including mixed artisan cooperatives, registered sole traders developing independent economic activities, individual companies, family companies, as well as the professional associations or foundation, as applicable, can benefit of the provisions of the Program, provided they are included in one of the next categories, on the date of submitting the application:

  1. a) they are organized according to Law no.. 1/2005 on the organization and operation of cooperation or according to Law no. 31/1990 on the commercial companies, republished, with the subsequent modifications and completions, and they meet the conditions for being included in the category of small and medium-size companies, according to the provisions of Law no. 346/2004, with the subsequent modifications and completions;
    b) they are registered sole traders, individual companies and family companies (registered with the Trade Registry Office and authorized according to the Emergency Government Ordinance no. 44 of April 16, 2008 on the registered sole traders, individual companies, and family companies unfolding economic activities), which develop activities in the area of crafts, mainly the traditional ones, and in the area of folk arts and artisanship;
    c) they are incorporated as professional associations or foundations and aim at promoting the crafts and trades that imply a high number of operations made by hand, the traditional products and services, including those in the folk arts and artisanship domain.

Eligibility criteria

The natural persons and economic entities that meet all the next criteria on the date of applying to the Program can benefit of the Program’s provisions:

Economic entities

  1. a) full private share capital;
    b) achieves an annual net turnover of up to 50 million Eur in Lei equivalent, or hold total assets, which do not surpass the equivalent of 43 million Eur, according to the last approved financial statement;
    c) have an average annual number of employees below 250 in the previous fiscal year;
    d) have as object of activity producing and selling the products that maintain the specificity of handmade and artisanal manufacture, providing services that imply a high number of operations made by hand or have the purpose of promoting crafts, trades, products and services with traditional specificity;
    e) have an office, are registered and develop their activity on the territory of Romania;
    f) filled in the online registration form (Annex 1) in the Program, and following the evaluation, they were selected to participate in the event.

Validity term of the funding program

To be determined at the time of launching the funding program.

Eligible activity domains

In this program, the next companies are NOT eligible:

- the companies whose main object of activity is printing the advertising materials (NACE code 58, 181, 182);
- bank companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, companies that manage financial investment funds, stockbrokers, activities of financial intermediation (NACE code 64, 65), activities ancillary to the financial intermediation (NACE code 66); NACE code 69), selecting and allotting of work force (NACE code 78), market research and opinion poll activities (NACE code 7320);
- fishing and aquaculture activities covered by the Council Regulation (EC) no. 104/2000;
- activities connected to primary production of agriculture products, as enumerated in Annex no. 1 to the Treaty on the European Union;
- activities of processing and marketing of agriculture products, as they are enumerated in Annex no. 1 to the Treaty on the European Union, in the next circumstances;
a) when the total amount of the aid is set out according to the price or quantity of such products, purchased from the primary producers or introduced on the market by those economic entities;
b) when the aid is conditioned of being partially or fully assigned to the primary producers (farmers);
- activities connected to expert to third countries or member states, these being aids connected to the quantities exported, to creating and operating a distribution network or for other current expenses connected to the export activity;
- the economic entities acting in the coal sector, as defined by the Regulation EC no. 1407/2002 on the state aid for the coal industry;

As well, the economic entities that produce or sell products / service other than those described in item 1.3 cannot benefit of the program’s provisions, except for the mixed crafts cooperatives, which aside of other types of activities also develop crafts and artisanship activities.

Eligible expenses
Free participation in the fair is ensured for the selected beneficiaries as consequence of their online enrollment in the program. 

Free participation in the traditional markets is ensured for the beneficiaries selected following their online enrollment in the program.
The travel expenses for the beneficiaries and their products (if applicable), as well as the accommodation expenses of the beneficiaries during the event will be borne, but only for taking part in the Fair and traditional markets. Funding is granted for transporting the products if they require separate transport and cannot be carried by the same means of transportation as the beneficiary is. The maximum total amount granted to a beneficiary for transport is 1,000 Lei for the fair and 1,500 Lei for the traditional markets. Up to these amounts, the beneficiary can pay for its travel. If the total amount is above 1,000 Lei or 1,500 Lei, the beneficiary will bear the difference. If the beneficiary travels by his own motor vehicle, he will receive the equivalent value of 7.5 liters of fuel for every 100 km travelled. The expenses on travel will be settled according to the substantiation documents that the beneficiary must submit personally or by a courier service to OTIMMC to which he belongs, in maximum 10 business days of the fair end. In this Program, the VAT is deemed non-eligible expense.

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