The Department for Small and Medium-Size Companies, Business Environment and Tourism announced that as of July 6, 2015, 10:00, the application would be active for registering the investment plans within the Program of developing and modernizing the activities of selling products and services on the market in 2015. The application will be active until July 15, 2015, 8:00 PM.

  • Eligible beneficiaries: economic entities
  • Funds value: Lei 135,000, a maximum of 90% of the value of the eligible expenses
  • Period for submitting the plans: June 6, 2015, 10:00 AM – July 15, 2015, 8:00 PM 

Funded by
Government of Romania, by the Department for Small and Medium-Size Companies, Business Environment and Tourism

Lei 20 million, out of which Lei 2 million for the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium-Size Companies and Business Environment

To support the economic entities, companies and cooperatives by facilitating the access to funding, with the aim to improve their economic and technical performance, while following their adaptation to the requirements determined by Romania’s status as European Union member state, by increasing the competitiveness, creating and maintaining jobs, and enhancing the consumer protection and food security.


Specific objectives

• strengthening economic entities’ ability to promote products and services on the market;
• developing and modernizing the activity of the companies that sell goods and services on the market.

Eligible expenses

  • purchasing IT equipment and computer technology;
  • purchasing barcode scanners;
  • purchasing electronic scales with / without printer for labeling purposes;
  • purchasing electronic cash registers;
  • purchasing technological equipment, machines, plant and work installations, including their corresponding software, measuring, control and adjustment devices and installations;
  • purchasing electric lift truck and forklift trucks;
  • investments in intangible assets concerning the invention patents, product and service trademarks (ecologic labelling, licenses), software for the online commerce, software required for unfolding the activity of selling products and services on the market;
  • purchasing the assets provisioned in subgroups 3.1 Furniture, 3.2 Office devices, and 3.3. Systems of protecting persons and assets, according to the Government Decision no. 2139/2004 for approving the Catalogue on the classification and regular operation times of fixed asserts, with the subsequent modifications and completions;
  • purchasing utility vehicles of the N1, N2, and N3 categories;
  • certifying a quality / environment / occupational health and security / food security management system;
  • making a website for presenting the activity of the requester and the products or services promoted;
  • purchasing specific installations / equipment with the aim to obtain energy savings, as well as systems that use renewable / alternative energy sources for rendering efficient the activities for which it has requested funding;
  • purchasing heating or air conditioning installations corresponding to the commerce or service premises;
  • participating in training courses for professional training / qualification / specialization / continuous training in the area of the activities of selling products and services on the market for which it requested funding, participating in the courses on the fundamental hygiene concepts required for the activities of selling the products and services on the market;
  • guarantee fee corresponding to the year when the guarantee was granted, which is owed to the Fond National de Garantare a Creditelor pentru Întreprinderi Mici si Mijlocii (National Fund of Loan Guaranteeing for the Small and Medium-size Companies) - S.A. - I.F.N. (F.N.G.C.I.M.M.) in the case of guarantees granted for the loans the beneficiaries obtained with the aim to achieve the investment plans accepted within the Program, for those requesting their own loan contribution;
  • consultancy for drafting the documentation with the aim to obtain the funds within this program and project implementation (Maximum 4% of the eligible value of the project when settled, less the consultancy, but Lei 5,769 at the most)

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