Operational Sectorial Program „Increase of economic competitiveness”
„Investments for your future”

Project title:

Axis III „Information and Communication Technology for public and private sector” Major area of intervention 3 – Support for e-economy
Operation 2 „Support for the development of electronic commerce systems and other on-line business solutions”

Implementation period: 30.12.2013- 30.12.2014
Location: head office of the company SC ETA2U SRL, TIMISOARA 1 GH DIMA STREET
Total value of the project:1.307.270 RON
Requested non-reimbursable financial support: 596.572,10 RON
Own contribution: 710.697,9 ron



The main objective of the project consists in increasing the management efficiency of ETA2U's resources and of its productivity through the implementation of a Business 2 Business information system that would increase online transactions and generate stronger relationships between commercial partners. This contributes to observing the sustainable development principle with the aim to sustain the company's business growth and the establishment of mutually benefiting business relationships that would lead to increased visibility and recognition of the company. At the same time, this objective is also contributing to the fulfillment of the requirements of Information Society, namely to increase the role of ITC domain in the promotion and stimulation of economic development, social cohesion and reduction of regional development gaps.

Through this project, the company aims to obtain an integrated information system as an extension of the other two projects, the implementation of an ERP system and extension of the CRM information system. Therefore, this project fully integrates the 3 basic components of the information system: Customer Self Service – front Office application, integrated with CRM as middleware and ERP – back office application. That is, the orders from the e-commerce site are entered and validated in accordance with the customer conditions managed by CRM and are afterwards processed in the ERP system. All visible stated on the site are powered by the CRM and ERP systems.

The specific objectives of the project are:
- developing the main activity through a performing management of the company's communication relationships with external entities or private persons and to consolidate them on long term
- optimizing sales operations throgh customer empowerment
- increasing productivity through transaction automation (order tracking, history, invoicing, customer retention)
- maintaining and developing relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners through the IT management of all information related to them
- increasing management decision efficiency through the implementation of analysis and decision making support tools.
The above presented objectives reveal the fact that this project aims to develop and modernize SC ETA 2U SRL and includes changes in the quality of customer services.
All these shall contribute to:
• Increasing the efficiency of SC ETA2U SRL due to the fact that business processes for customer relationship are automated thus reducing information asymmetry between buyers and suppliers and building stronger relationships between business partners.
• Increasing the quality of services provided to third parties with a higher response speed and the possibility to quickly analyze the response to customers' demands.
• Improving working conditions for ETA2U employees by eliminating internal bureaucracy (e.g. flow automation, shortening the decision making flow).
• Improving the decisions of SC ETA2U SRL management
all this to support reaching the objectives of the financing program Axis 3, Major area of intervention 3 from POS CCE, due to the fact that it aims to increase the company's productivity by ensuring sustainable development premises.

Project components
The main activities of the project are:

Activity 1. Organize public procurement procedures
Sub-activity 1.1: Create the tender book for the acquisition of the electronic commerce information system
Sub-activity 1.2: Publishing the tender notification on SEAP (Electronic system for public procurement)
Sub-activity 1.3: Reception and registering of bids
Sub-activity 1. 4: Evaluation of bids
Sub-activity 1.5: Configure the electronic tendering procedure for bidders with compliant and accepted bids
Sub-activity 1.6: Communicate the result of the tender procedure
Sub-activity 1.7: Signing of the acquisition contract, implementation, testing and commissioning of the electronic commerce system
Sub-activity 1.8: Create the tender book for the acquisition of hardware equipment
Sub-activity 1.9: v
Sub-activity 1.10: Receiving and registering the bids
Sub-activity 1.11: Evaluation of bids
Sub-activity 1.12:Configuring the electronic tendering procedure for bidders with compliant and accepted bids
Sub-activity 1.13: Communicate the result of the tender procedure
Sub-activity 1.14: Sign the acquisition contract for hardware equipment

Activity 2: Reception of purchased hardware equipment

2.1 Sign the reception note for hardware equipment
2.2 Commissioning of hardware equipment
Activity 3: Analysis for the integration and definition of workflows
Activity 4: Implementation of the solution
Sub-activity 4.1 Implementation, configuration and customization of the application
Sub-activity 4.2 Solution testing
Sub-activity 4.3 Training of system users
Sub-activity 4.4 Training of the maintenance team
Sub-activity 4.5 System commissioning and final reception
Sub-activity 4.6 System's final reception

Activity 5. Project audit activities

Activity 6. Activities related information and publicity for the project
Sub-activity 6.1: Newspaper announcement at project launching
Sub-activity 6.2: Brochure printing
Sub-activity 6.3: Posting the seal of the European Union, of the Romanian Government and
of the Structural Instruments in Romania on the site resulting from the project and posting a link to the website of Structural Instruments in Romania, www.fonduri-ue.ro
Sub-activity 6.4: Sticker purchasing and applying them on items purchased through the project
Sub-activity 6.5: Newspaper announcement at the finalization of the implemetation
Activity 7. Project management
Sub-activity 7.1 Issuing technical reports
Sub-activity 7.2 Creating claims for reimbursement
Sub-activity 7.3 Creating business plan ( activity performed for project submission)

Project impact on the company's activity

This project shall have a major impact in the activity efficiency increase of SC ETA 2U SRL through the acquisition of an electronic commerce system as a business strategy whose aim s to create a profitable long-term relationship with customers. Information management shall be supported and company knowledge preserved.

The development of a Business 2 Business system within the company shall have a major impact on business evolution since it can reduce transaction costs and increase their reliability, it can reduce inefficiency resulting from the lack of coordination between companies in the entire value chain. By acquiring e-business capabilities, SC ETA2U SRL shall be able to identify the required strategy in order to respond to the needs of the business environment and it shall be able to develop a strategy to survive in such a competitive environment also in the future.
There will be a process that would enable a better understanding of the customer's needs and behaviors.

Through this project, the company SC ETA2U SRL shall improve its internal processes that shall become connected, coherent, easy to interpret, thus increasing the efficiency of the company's services. Moreover, access to information within the company shall be faster, direct and secured. Waiting time and information access time shall be reduced. This project aims to create a significant increase in the quality of ETA2U's products.

After the non-reimbursable financing, following the implementation of this project, SC ETA2U SRL shall possess a performing e-commerce system that will contribute to the increase of the efficiency of activities and shall support attracting new customers, since the market of the products from the company's portfolio is continuously developing. This shall increase the income from sales performed in the same way as before the project submission.

Thus, our company shall have the capacity to cover expenses related to the use and maintenance of the purchased equipment and system.
As the company's activity grows, new modules can be purchased for the system or the existing ones can be adapted to specific needs that may be identified.

Development and optimization of the activities of S.C. ETA2U S.R.L. through the implementation of a Business 2 Business information system

„Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund”

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