E-Business Suite

Oracle e-Business Suite is an Oracle front-office and, respectively, back-office integrated application. Oracle is the only company that offers an integrated e-business solution, covering the production, procurement, finance-accounting, project management, human resources divisions as well as the marketing, sales and services divisions.
Oracle applications provide a unique, integrated suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications based on the "Internet Computing" model. All the modules of the Oracle Applications product can work on the Web, in the companies' and enterprises' in-house networks (Intranet) using only a simple browser on the client machine. The Oracle Applications strategy is to offer all the components that may allow the client to build a modern and efficient computer environment that offers precise information, contributing to the improvement of the decision-making process.

The Infrastructure

Oracle's software products run on a broad range of equipment: NCs (network computers), personal digital assistants, set-top devices, workstations, PCs, minicomputers, mainframes and massively parallel computing.

Some Oracle e-Business Suite Modules

  • General Ledger (General Accounting) – the Oracle Applications core, indispensable to any implementation. This module defines the chart of accounts and account structure used in all the other modules;
  • Payables (Suppliers' Bookkeeping) – manages the invoices issued by the suppliers and payments to the suppliers;
  • Receivables (Clients Bookkeeping) – manages invoices issued to the clients and payments from them;
  • Cash Management (Liquidity Management) – manages the documents issued by the bank (account statements);
  • Fixed Assets – manages the fixed assets of the organization, amortization methods and monthly amortization;
  • Purchasing (Procurement) – manages reports, purchase orders, agreements and reception of materials;
  • Inventory – manages the organizational structure of the company, the list of items, the stocks resulted after receptions;
  • Order Management (Client Orders) – manages the orders received from the clients and deliveries to them;
  • Depot Repair – manages repair services for the products and services sold based on the warranty contracts;
  • Service Contracts – manages the creation, follow-up and execution of service and warranty contracts;
  • Enterprise Asset Management – manages the operations of maintenance and repair of the fixed assets owned by the company;
  • Order production - enables the management and automation of production processes;
  • Finished product configurator based on orders.

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