Oracle Business Intelligence 

If you were ever worried about questions such as: How can we make our business more efficient?How can we understand better our consumers?How can we get the most realistic and recent information on our business?, then Oracle Business Intelligence is the answer to your questions. Oracle Business Intelligence provides integrated solutions for the extraction and summarizing of the available information to give you the answers you have been waiting for.

The Business Intelligence management analysis solution has the following benefits:

  • Integration with any source system, including ERP, SAP (we have a special SAP, BW native adapter);
  • Web-based application (may be accessed from any location if we have an Internet connection and a user profile). May be accessed from the mobile phone / ipad / iphone;
  • Allows summarizing data in hierarchies and detailing it based on the specificity of the report through the drill down operation;
  • Allows generation of prognosis / forecast based on a computing methodology. If the solution is not available we offer business consultancy to design the methodology;
  • Allows history loading to generate most efficient / correct forecast;
  • Complex analysis and reporting criteria: based on the specific implementation we can detail (in terms of time / organization / geographic location / business line / brand / product / client / client typology / distribution canal and so on). The analysis criteria depend on the information existing in the source system and on client's requirements;
  • Different types of reports / diagrams with a series of formatting options. Traffic light status reporting - a certain branch may have a green / red / yellow status based on specific indicators (turnover);
  • Top Reports (Top 10 Clients and so on);
  • Secure working environment:
    • dashboard (report grouping);
    • report;
    • column  / row of the report;
    • cell;
  • Possibility to export in different formats (.doc /.txt /pdf. / .ppt /.csv / .xls);
  • Dynamic reports with data update in seconds;
  • Customization of reports with new columns / rows in seconds through "drag&drop";
  • User-friendly interface for drafting of new reports. Based on their complexity, it takes from 2 to 10 minutes to draft new reports, starting from the hypothesis that the desired information (metadata) was transferred from the source system into the BI. The "user-friendly" nature of the application allows final users to draft new reports, based on security profiles, within a very short time;
  • Audit reports on the use of the application.

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