Stimulate business productivity

Grow your sales, increase the efficiency of marketing activities and optimize every interaction with customers by using a performing customer relationship manager (CRM) solution.
Solution4 developed based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM provides access to all information related to customers through its familiar interface Microsoft Outlook® or web interface, which translates into an easy adoption by the users and fast appearance of desired results.

Increase your team's productivity and facilitate the adoption process of CRM with the aid of an application adapted to your activities' specifics, with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and understand.

Transform information into a competitive advantage through extended functionalities and real-time reporting facilities provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the customizes solutions of Solution4.

Turn your business into a dynamic one

Win more contracts
Allocate more time to sales and reduce time for administrative tasks. Benefit from extended visibility over the entire sales cycle, monitor sales opportunities, the way they are treated and forecast your sales volume in real time. Thus, you increase your income and the closure rate of opportunities.
Maximize the value obtained from marketing investments
Increase efficiency of your marketing activities in your organization. Provide marketing specialists with flexible segmenting, campaign management and result monitoring tools, together with complete business analysis, with impact on the increase of the effectiveness of the overall marketing process. Turn communication with your customers into a customized one, based on the preferences of each customer.
Increase the degree of satisfaction of your customers.
Increase the quality of services delivered by the „Customer Service" department, thus stimulating your customers' loyalty. Provide your team with instruments that simplify the management of support cases, improve escalation process and enable a more efficient account management, while also reducing costs.
Optimize all your relationships through an extended CRM
Benefit from the flexibility and extensibility provided by Solution4 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to maximize the value of every business relation. Choose the solution adapted to the specifics of the business and/or various industries, without compromising existing CRM capabilities, budget or delivery time.

Solution for the management of product sales

  • Product catalog with extended functionality (product images and features)
  • Automation module for pricelist management and the possibility to work and quote in multiple currencies
  • Module for the management of commercial contracts integrated into the sales process
  • Invoicing module
  • Management of direct sales and partner sales
  • Integration with web portal and ERP

Solution for the management of education centers

  • Catalog of training courses
  • Modul for the management of trainees with list of certifications and electronic score book
  • Trainer management module
  • Module for the management and planning of training rooms
  • Module for the management of training sales with the possibility of an installment plan and tracking trainee payments
  • Integration with a web portal, ERP

Solution for the management of IT services

  • IT Asset management module integrated with the Helpdesk module
  • Helpdesk module integrated with Knowledge base for an efficient and fast case solving
  • Integration with web portal and communication system (telephony and e-mail)


A new generation of Outlook client: Manage all received e-mail, meetings, contacts and customer information, in a single interface, with the Microsoft Outlook client.
Office-Fluent UI: Increase user productivity with reports and dashboard graphic analysis, with Office type and export/import facilities for dates and documents.

Complete visibility: Maximize each interaction with customers, from marketing surveys to quotation and sale up to solving support cases, with a complete overview
on the customer.

Advanced customization: Use role-based interfaces, customized views, lists and forms adapted to each user, bringing the CRM experience as
close as possible to the users' needs.

Flexibility: Customize rapidly and extend yor CRM solution to satisfy the unique needs of the organization, through drag-and-drop customization and intuitive development tools.


Contextual analysis: Analyze in real time your business performance with the predefined reports and benefit from the easy facilities of data analysis and interpretation

Assisted processes: Accelerate approval processes, increase consistency and implement best practices with assisted dialoguesand flexible work flows.

Usable information: Identify opportunities and market trends efficiently with intuitive segmenting instruments, conditional formating rules and advanced reporting functions.

Objective monitoring: Monitor efficiently and measure the degree of fulfilment of business objectives, such as the leads originating from marketing activities, sales
evolution andor percentage of cases that are closed from the first call, with complex objective management functions.

Operational efficiency: Obtain operational efficiency and improve information flow through data import and sorting instruments, through activity audit and through
security levels adapted to each role.


Libraries of contextual documents: Manage creation and archiving of marketing documents, quotations, contracts etc., thanks to the integrated document management and update functions.

Team creation: Facilitate a better internal collaboration and improve the management of work processes with the instruments of communication and collaboration in real time.

Business and Social Media connections: Identify new connexions for your company and determine its influence with the Connections and Social Connector facilities.

Portals: Accelerate incident management processes and encourage „self-service" activities through advanced portal solutions.

Mobility: Maximize productivity of your field teams, by providing them with easy access to CRM data and the possibility to access them both offline and from any device with internet access.


Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM at your office and customize it with the Solution4 fit for your company or access the application as a service hosted in our Data Center.


ETA2U team, Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, offers you its experience in the implementation, customization and development of Customer Relationship Management solutions. Thus, you shall benefit from a solution perfectly customized to your specific business needs.

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