The main objective of the Program is to support the economic entities, which are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all economic sectors by facilitating their access to funding, with the aim to improve the economic and technical performance of the economic entities, following the adjusting to the requirements determined by Romania’s status as European Union member state. It will take place by increasing the activity volume and competitiveness of IMM’s from all economic sectors, creating and maintaining the jobs, and professional training in the trades specific to all economic sectors.

The Program targets:
a) financial support for at least 150 SMEs/year for brand creation;
b) financial support for at least 150SMEs/year for participation in international fairs, economic missions and so on;
c) training on internationalization techniques to at least 150 SMEs /year

This procedure establishes a transparent scheme of de minimis aid.
The scheme applies throughout Romania, in all 8 development regions.

Budget of the funding program
To be determined at the time of launching the funding program

Eligible beneficiaries
The commercial companies (small and medium-size companies) having
- at least 2 years from the incorporation with the Trade Registry on the date of enrollment in the program,

- NACE code for which funding is requested has been authorized at least 3 months prior to the date of enrollment in the program,

- at least one full time employee, on an undetermined term, on December 31, 2014,
- the object of activity on which they ask funding is eligible within the Program, and
- no debts to the consolidated general budget and local budgets, for the registered office, as well as for all business facilities

can benefit of the provisions of the Program.

Validity term of the funding program
To be determined at the time of launching the funding program

Eligible expenses
By the Program, the eligible beneficiaries receive
a) AFN amounting to maximum 90% of the total value of the eligible expenses incurred (VAT excluded), but no more than 20,000 Lei for each beneficiary for brand building, 
b) financial support for participating in the international fairs, economic missions, etc. amounting to maximum 20,000 Lei (VAT excluded) / IMM.
c) financial support for training in internationalization techniques amounting to maximum 40,000 Lei (VAT excluded) / IMM.  
AFN is grated for the next categories of activities / eligible expenses:
a) creating and registering logo / trademark/ slogan or visual identity; brand building services; consultancy for obtaining the funding within this program (The only eligible activity / expense that can be made prior to signing the funding contract.).
b) fair participation fee, accommodation expenses during the fair, travel expenses for participating in the fair for maximum 2 persons / IMM and for the products exhibited, maximum 20,000 Lei (VAT excluded)/ IMM;
c) course participation fee, accommodation expenses during the course, travel expenses for participating in the course for maximum 1 person / IMM, maximum 40,000 Lei (VAT excluded) / IMM.
The consultancy activities provisioned in item 4.1.a) cannot surpass 5% of the eligible / settled value of the project, less the consultancy.

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