The general objective of the Program is to create, to develop and to promote sector, subsector and product brands by making the most of the Romanian products on the national and international markets.

By organizing two national spring-summer and autumn-winter fairs, the Program aims to support and promote national products as follows:
a) promoting Romanian products and Romanian producers by increasing their visibility on the market;
b) winning new internal and external markets for this type of products;
c) improving the access of tourism operators and Romanian producers to market information and facilitating the promotion of such information;
d) developing business contacts and establishing partnerships.

The meaning of the following terms within the Program is defined as follows:
a) sector, subsector and product brands - making the most of the potentiality of the Romanian products on the national and international markets by means of identification emblems such as: a name, a logo, visual and mental images, symbols, perceptions and so on. Brands identify, define and express the use experience of certain specific products and services that the consumers become aware of and that they can easily recognize. Known brands associate spontaneously, in people's imagination, with features that make up a fictituous personality of the product through stereotypical actions. All the ideas that the consumers devise not only about the actual mark, about is real or imaginary characteristics, about the enterprise that manufactures a certain product, about the places it sells it in and about the present and past users of the mark, as well as about the kind of person that that specific product identifies with;
b) Romanian products – products manufactured and presented by Romanian producers, both on the national and the international markets.

The Program consists in organizing two national fairs, one in spring-summer and the other one in autumn-winter, lasting for 4 days. These will be organized in order to promote sector, subsector and product brands under the name of "Romania - mark, tradition and culture. Quality Romanian products."
The actual time period and location of the event will be posted on the institution website,, at least 20 days before.
Within the fair, eligible beneficiaries will present their own products (Romanian offers and products) and will be able to do business according to the legislation in force.
The actions undertaken within the Programme are:
• organizing national fairs as exhibition and sale;
• organizing seminaries, round tables, workshops and presentations with the aim to promote Romanian producers and national offers, so as to win new internal and external markets for this kind of products and services within the fairs;
• disseminating information materials within the fairs;
The actions related to the organization and operation of the program programului are carried out by the Department for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Business Environment and Tourism or by the Local Offices for SMEs and Cooperation, directly and/or based on agreements concluded with natural persons and/or public or private legal entities, in accordance with the law.
The following actions may be sustained out of the budget assigned to the specific activities of the program: editing/reproducing brochures, promotion and presentation materials, creating a website for the event, visual identity elements, space rentals, sending invitations, business entertainment expenses, expenses for transportation of products that will be presented at the Fair, transportation and/or accommodation of the beneficiaries as well as other expenses for the organization of the event.

Budget of the financing programme:
To be established on occasion of the launch of the financing programme.

Eligible beneficiaries:
The following economic operators may benefit from the Program's provisions: small and medium-sized enterprises defined as per the provisions of Law No. 346/2004 on the stimulation of the establishment and development of SMEs, as amended, which transposes the EC Recommendation No. 361 of May 6, 2003, published in the Official Journal of the EU No. L124 of May 20, 2003 into the national legislation, respectively the commercial companies, cooperative companies, including the mixed handicraft cooperatives, licensed professionals who perform economic activities independently, sole traders, family owned & operated companies as well as the professional associations or the foundations, as the case may be, that fall on the date of the application into one of the following categories:
a) are organized in accodance with Law No. 1/2005 on the organization and operation of cooperatives ar in accordance with Law No. 31/1990 on commercial companies, republished, as amended and fulfill the requirements of the SME-category, as per the dispositions of Law No. 346/2004, as amended;
b) are licensed professionals, sole traders and family owned & operated companies (registered with the Trade Registry and licensed as per the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 44 of April 16, 2008 on the operation of economic activities by the licensed professionals, sole traders and family owned & operated businesses) that operate in the production sector;
c) are established as professional associations or as foundations and their scope of activity is the manufacturing of Romanian products and the valorization of the local potentiality.

Validity period of the financing programme:
To be established on occasion of the launch of the financing programme.

Eligible activity sectors:
The following are NOT eligible within the program:
- companies that have printing of advertising materials as their main object of activity (NACE codes 58, 181, 182);
- bank holding companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, investment fund management companies, stockbrokers, financial intermediation activities (NACE codes 64, 65), accessory activities to financial intermediation (NACE code 66);
- legal, accounting and auditing activities, tax consultacy (NACE code 69), employment activities (NACE code 78), market research and survey activities (NACE code 7320);
- fisheries and aquaculture activities, covered by the (EC) Council Regulatio No. 104/2000;
- activities related to the primary production of agricultural products, as specified in Annex No. 1 to the Treaty on the European Community;
- agricultural product processing and marketing activities, as specified in Annex No. 1 to the Treaty on the European Community, in the following cases:
a) when the aid amount is determined on the basis of the price or of the quantity of products of this type bought from primary producers or commercialized by the respective economic operators;
b) when the aid is conditioned to be partially or entirely ceded to the primary producers (farmers);
- activities related to the exportation to third-party states or member states, i.e. the aids directly related to the exported quantities, to the creation and operation of a distribution network or for other current expenses related to the export activity;
- to the economic agents who operate in the coal industry, as it is defined in the EC Regulation No. 1.407/2002 on the state aid to the coal industry;

Eligible expenses:
Gratuitous participation to the fair is provided for the beneficiaries selected after the online application to the program.
The transportation expenses shall be covered for the beneficiaries and for their products (if applicable) and the accommodation expenses for the beneficiaries for the duration of the event, only to participate in the Fair. Financing is granted for the transportation of the products, in case they need to be transported separately (cannot be transported in the same transport means together with the beneficiary). The rental of the transport means for the purpose of transporting people or products is also reimbursed, if applicable. Furthermore, parking during the Fair is reimbursed, if applicable. The maximum amount granted to a beneficiary for accommodation and transport, cumulatively, will not exceed 1500 lei. Within the limit of the amount of 1500 lei the beneficiary may receive reimbursements for the transportation, the accommodation or both. In case the total amount spent exceeds 1500 lei, the difference will be paid for by the beneficiary. In case the beneficiaries use their personal transportation means for the road they will receive the equivalent amount of 7.5 liters of fuel for every 100 km of road. The transportation and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed based on the supporting documents that the beneficiary must present, personally or by carrier at the relevant OTIMMC, within 10 working days from the conclusion of the fair. VAT is not an eligible expense within this Program.

Detailed Information on the Financing Programme: