The Objective of the Programme to stimulate the establishment and development of social economy micro-enterprises, hereinafter referred to as ”the Programme”, consists in the stimulation and support of the startup and development of the private economic structures established by underprivileged people, facilitating their access to financing, increasing their chances to access financing sources and facilitating underprivileged people's access to financing sources in order to improve their life standard and offer new opportunities to underprivileged people or to people belonging to vulnerable groups.

The Programme aims to:

• develop entrepreneurial skills of underprivileged people so as to get them involved into private economic structures, within the context of the issues related to maintaining the balance between family obligations and professional duties and of prejudices existing at a local level;

• support the startup and development of companies established by underprivileged people;

• reduce economic discrepancies among underprivileged people;

• improve the economic performances of enterprises established by underprivileged people by accessing financing sources from the state budget;

• increase underprivileged people's chances of integration in the labor market, in society and in order to develop an inclusive and participatory society;

• improve quality of life of underprivileged people and also increase productivity and competitiveness of enterprises managed by underprivileged people;

• develop the entrepreneurial spirit of underprivileged people;

• increase the number of new jobs created within the private economic structures managed by underprivileged people and the benefits for the national economy.

This procedure institutes a transparent de minimis aid scheme and it applies on the whole territory of Romania, in all its 8 development regions.


Budget of the financing programme:

To be established on occasion of the launch of the financing programme.


Eligible beneficiaries:

The following economic operators may be beneficiaries of NFA (non-reimbursable financial aid) within the Programme: micro-enterprises, self-employed certified professionals (PFA), who carry out economic activities independently, sole traders, as the case may be, established by underprivileged people, which, on the date of the request, fall within one of the following categories:

a) are organized according to Law No. 31/1990 pon commercial companies, republished, as amended or according to Law No. 1/2005 on the organization and operation of cooperation or according to the Emergency Ordinance of the Romanian Government No. 6 from 09.02.2011 and fulfill the requirements for the micro-enterprises category [1], in accordance with the dispositions of Law No. 346/2004 on the stimulation of the establishment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, as amended; 

 b) are self-employed certified professionals, sole traders (registered with the Trade Registry and authorized as per the Emergency Gov. Ordinance No.  44 from 16 of April 2008 on the performance of economic activities by self-employed certified professionals, sole traders and family (owned and operated) businesses);

c)  not more than 2 years have passed since the registration with the Trade Registry on the date of enrollment in the Programme; 

d) at least one of the partners should be an underprivileged person on the date the company is registered with the Trade Registry, respectively: young people under 25 or people who finished their studies less than 2 years ago and who haven't been employed with regular payment, women, unemployed people, people who are at least 45 years old on the date of registration with the Trade Registry and who own 50% of the shares of the company in case of applicant micro-enterprises, or the representative of the self-employed certified professional (PFA)/of the sole trader (II) that carry out economic activities, should belong to the above-mentioned underprivileged people category;

e) the NACE code for which they are requesting financing is eligible and authorized when the online application is lodged, according to art. 15 of Law 359/2004 on the simplification of formalities of registration with the Trade Registry of natural persons, family partnerships and legal entities, their tax registration as well as the operation licensing of legal entities, as amended;

f) have fulfilled their payment obligations of taxes and fees to the general consolidated budget and the local budgets;

g) do not have debts towards the general consolidated budget and the local budgets, for the registered office, and for all the production units; the applicants who have scheduled debts, based on the Tax Clearance Certificates, are not eligible to access the Programme;

h)  have their registered office, are registered and perform their activity on the territory of Romania;

i) are not under dissolution, judicial reorganization, liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary suspension of activity;

j) are not in difficulty, according to the provisions of the "Guidelines on State aid for rescuing and restructuring companies in difficulty", published in the Official Journal of the European Union No. C 244/2004;

k) were not the subject of a decision by the European Commission to recover a state aid or, in case they were the object of such a sentence, it was already executed and the outstanding debt was fully recovered;

l) obtained at least 60 points following the online completion of the business plan, according to the model and the criteria provided in Annex No. 3 to this procedure;

Validity period of the financing programme:

To be established on occasion of the launch of the financing programme.

Eligible activity sectors:

NO NFAs are granted within the programme for:  

- financial intermediation and insurance: 

641    Monetary intermediation

642    Activities of holding companies

643    Trusts, funds and similar financial entities

649    Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding

651    Insurance

652    Reinsurance

653    Pension funding (except compulsory social security)

661    Activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding 

662    Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

663    Fund management activities

- real estate transactions:

681    Buying and selling of own real estate

682    Renting and operating of own or leased real estate

683    Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis                 

920     Gambling and betting activities 

- production or sale of weapons, ammunition, explosives, tobacco, alcohol, nationally controlled substances, plants, stupefying substances and drugs: 

110    Manufacture of beverages (except for class 1107 – Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled waters)

1200    Manufacture of tobacco products

2540    Manufacture of weapons and ammunition 

2051    Manufacture of explosives 

4635    Wholesale of tobacco products

4725    Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores 

4726    Retail sale of tobacco products in specialized stores

- production or marketing of energetic products defined according to Law No. 571/2003 on the Tax Code, as amended, rental and leasing activities, protection and investigation activities as well as the activities excluded by the European regulations for which the State aid cannot be granted, respectively:

- fisheries and aquaculture activities, covered by the Council Regulation (EC) No. 104/2000:

031       Fishing

032       Aquaculture

- activities related to the primary production of agricultural products such as enlisted in Annex 1 of the Treaty establishing the European Communities:

011       Growing of non-perennial crops

012       Growing of perennial crops

013       Plant propagation

014       Animal production

015       Mixed farming (crop growing combined with animal production)

016       Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities

017       Hunting, trapping and related service activities

 - processing and marketing of the agricultural products enlisted in Annex 1 of the Treaty establishing the European Communities, in the following cases:

-    when the amount of the aid is established on the basis of the price or of the quantity of products of this type bought from the primary producers or commercialized by the respective economic operators;

-    when the aid is conditioned to be partially or entirely ceded to the primary producers (farmers);

-    export-related activities, i.e., aids directly related to the exported quantities, to the creation and operation of a distribution network or for other current expenses related to the export activity;

-    aids conditioned by the preferential use of national products over imported products;

-    aids destined to the economic agents who operate in the coal industry, as it is defined in the EC Regulation No. 1.407/2002 on the state aid to the coal industry (NACE Rev. 2) 

051    Mining of hard coal

052    Mining of lignite

061    Extraction of crude petroleum

062    Extraction of natural gas

0721  Mining of uranium and thorium ores

0892  Extraction of peat

091    Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction

099    Support activities for other mining and quarrying

-    aids to purchase goods road transport vehicles granted to economic agents whose social scope consists in providing goods road transportation services. 


Eligible expenses:

1. The Programme finances the implementation of the best Business Plans presented by the applicants. The value of the non-reimbursable financial aid is of a maximum of 90% of the total value of the eligible expenses made (VAT excluded) and it cannot exceed the amount of 50,000 lei/beneficiary.

2. Exemption from payment of taxes for the registration operations performed with the Trade Registry Offices, to register the micro-enterprise, as well as exemption from the payment of the fee for the publication in Romania's Official Journal, Part 4;

3. The object of financing must fall within one or several of the eligible categories:

a) buying technological equipment, machines, work hardware and facilities-including the related software-measuring, control and adjustment instruments and systems needed to perform the activities for which the financing is requested, excluding mechanical, electrical, electronic gambling machines, pool tables, musical instruments and music boxes;

b) investments in intangible assets related to patents, brands of products and services (franchises , eco-labeling, licenses), software for online commerce, software needed to perform the activity for which the financing is requested;

c) buying goods indicated in the subgroups 3.1 furniture, 3.2 Office automation and 3.3 human and material value protection systems, according to the Gov. Decision No. 2139/2004 for approval of the Catalogue on the classification and normal duration of operation of fixed assets, as amended;

d) buying IT equipment, computer technology (PC type, consisting in: central unit, server, monitor, printer/copier/multi function device, including portable systems, licenses needed to perform the activity, audio-video systems, etc.). The maximum number of IT devices of any type that may be purchased is equal to the total number of employees after the implementation of the investment with a non-reimbursable component except for the activities that do not require this (for instance: Internet café, computer training, etc.);

e) goods transportation means, strictly related to the activity for which the programme was accessed; utility vehicles falling within the N1,N2, N3 categories, except for off-road G symbol vehicles according to the Order by MLPTL 211/2003, as amended, are eligible within the Programme ;

f) realization of a website to present the activity of the applicant and of the promoted products and services, for the economic operators who do not own another website and which must be functional on the date the NFA issue application is presented, within the limit of 10,000 Lei; the Internet domain purchasing fee, without hosting, is considered an eligible expense;

g) the online promotion of activities, drafting and creation of printed materials to promote the activities, on paper and as electronic files, the promotion by advertising spots in the media within the limit of 15% of the value of the eligible expense excluding the promotion and the consultancy;

h) consultancy for drafting the documentation for the achievement of the financing within this programme (a maximum of 5% of the eligible /reimbursed value of the project, excluding the consultancy) . The consultancy expenses shall not be considered when applying the percentage. The eligible Consultancy services providers may only be companies or authorized consultancy providers having as an authorized activity on of the activities included in the NACE code class 70. 

i) entrepreneurial skills development courses - for the partner/the manager of the applicant company, a course organized by an authorized accredited body of entrepreneurial education. The eligible training services providers within the Programme may only be authorized training services providers that shall present supporting documents for the qualification of the training personnel in the specific field (not more than 5% of the total value of the approved/reimbursed eligible expenses); 

j) buying specific facilities/equipment in order to achieve energy savings as well as systems that use renewable energy sources to streamline the activities for which the financing was requested;

Detailed information about the financing programme: