Have you ever thought what would it be like to put at the disposal of your students or pupils performing equipment to help them print, copy and scan easily, at any time, without requiring the presence of an authorised person or a cashier desk? With the Self Print/Self Copy you can facilitate the flow of the entire traffic of printed documents within your institution while also obtaining a considerable profit.

What type of kiosks of stores can you find in huge numbers around any institution, whether it’s a school, town hall, regional board or university centre? Around each of them it is full of fast food stores, snack bars and, last but not least, the omnipresent copy stores.

All these make a substantial profit from the members of visitors of respective institutions.

Being aware of this trend, more and more institutions open commercial areas or lease such areas to other companies in order to provide various services to the people who enter. This also requires space and additional cost with employees.

Most paid services from public institutions and private companies have been oriented more and more towards automation. From coffee, tea, soft drinks or snack vending machines to office accessories, companies are more and more tempted to use this kind of machines instead of people. Reduction of necessary space and personnel costs make self-service the ideal solution for most companies and institutions.

Self Print/Self Copy solutions are easy to implement, require little training, have a minimum impact on activities, bring benefits and profit on short, medium and long term. Therefore, think about it: the accumulated profit of all copy centres in the area shall move into your institution’s account!


  • most public institutions do not have a copy office, therefore their members (and not only) are forced to print or copy and the ""copy centre"" in the lobby, opened especially for this purpose, which makes a surprising profit ""on the back"" of faculties, town halls, national, county and school libraries.
  • Reduction of personnel costs — most public institutions and private companies tend to automate and outsource paid services
  • reduction of space required for printing and copying activities — offices dedicated to the copy centre are now replaced by open space areas, with cleverly and efficiently placed equipment
  • reduction of working times and increase of the printing activity flow — the customer can ""Print"" from the library’s computer as he finds wanted documents, at the end he can go to the printer and enter the copy card so that the information (stored on the equipment server until that point) might be printed on paper
  • better profit management — money is no longer cashed at the cashier’s desk so that they may enter into the account later on, but are directly accounted by the copy cards terminals
  • information security— documents are printed only in the moment where the user is near the equipment and inserts the identification card

Various equipment can be included in the Self Print/ Self Copy solution, considering concrete circumstances and the initial budget that you want to assign:

Copiers, printers, monochrome or colour multifunction equipment

  • most computers within institutions are connected via network to multifunction equipment;
  • webpages, including Word and PDF links, as well as Word e-mail attachments or from memory sticks can be printed;
  • print orders are saved in the network for two hours, then deleted;
  • payment of printed or copied documents is done via a copy card, for a fix cost per printed page..


  • monochrome/colour scanning;
  • large format Warti scanning and printing.

Performing multifunction equipment for photographs

  • provide digital copies of professional quality to all the members of the institutions and to external customers, both for the institution’s document and for documents brought by users.

Copy card machines

Equipments where coins or bills can be inserted in order to charge the respective value on copy cards.

Copy cards

  • Copy cards are debit cards used for paying self-copies and prints performed from the institution’s computers; - most self-service copiers only accept debit copy cards; others also accept coins and bills of certain values;
  • prices can be the same for all customers, or there can be a difference between internal public (students, pupils, teachers etc.) and external public (people from outside the institution);
  • different costs between departments can be used within the same institutions (cost centres), as per number of pages, content, monochrome vs. colour;
  • the copy card, as physical media, has an initial fixed price that needs to be paid only once, when it is purchased, afterwards only the recharges need to be paid;
  • there are also complete packages that can be purchased at reduced prices and that allow copying and printing of desired documents, institution documents, electronic documents, digital images, photos or large format prints.

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