Training quality is a priority to us. What makes us different is the continuous concern so that each training can be an innovative experience, full of satisfactions.
A training worth taking is a training that contributes to an increase in the efficiency and productivity for both trainee and the organization that he/she belongs to.
All training courses provided by ETA2U Training Center include:

  • High quality curricula, premanently updated to the latest news in the field.
  • Training support and practical tasks
  • Training courses delivered by experts, with a dedicated question and answers session.
  • Training rooms with IT equipment for each participant

Customer satisfaction is particularly important to us. Therefore, at the end of each training, you have the possibility to fill in an evaluation form so that we may know your opinion related to the training experience. The result of these evaluation is constantly monitored and helps us in our continuous improvement of the training quality and of the overall training quality.

The 100% satisfaction program: if you are not satisfied with the quality of the training that you have taken part to, please let us know in maximum 30 days for a refund or the option to take the training one more time, with no additional costs.

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