1. Assessment of the current document production environment.

In the first stage, an assessment of the printing and scanning environment is performed in order to determine the total yearly cost of operation.

The assessment process has four major components:

  • Direct evaluation of the document printing equipment
  • Evaluation of the current operating state of each equipment and identification of technological needs;
  • Establishing milestones for the identification and evaluation of the best solutions in order to optimize costs;
  • Understanding of the current working system related to document production aspect; identification of the needs related to technology and productivity;

2. Designing an integrated document production strategy

The design stage is a collaborative process. Based on the information collected during the assessment, the specialist analyses the situation together with the customer and offers recommendation so that the optimal printing and scanning strategy can be commonly agreed.

For instance, purchasing new devices might not be required, but a better fleet management might be necessary instead. In other cases, it can be concluded that a new device could provide better savings by reducing downtime, power and toner consumption.

Steps to be taken in designing the printing and scanning strategy:

  • The development of a technological process matrix;
  • identification of an optimal technology mix in order to improve the working system;
  • Ensuring a balanced distribution of the printing and copying fleet – the right device in the right place and at the right time;
  • Redistribution of some device in order to improve the working system, the final result being cost reduction and productivity increase;

3. Solution implementation:

The Print2U (ETA2U’s Total Print Management Solution) shall be implemented based on the requirements of the customer’s organization. A project manager shall be assigned whose responsibility shall be to coordinate the implementation in optimal time and in accordance with the commonly agreed strategy.

The implementation solution may include: replacement of high-cost equipment with a property-shift, equipment reallocation – when deemed as necessary, installing software solution and end-user training.

4. Results measurement and on-going project management

print2U print2U is a solution with measurable results. Therefore, once the print2U solution is installed, ETA2U ensures a trimestral, bi-annual or annual reporting in order to reflect the evolution of the performance indicators. These reports shall highlight cost measurement, assessment of technology effectiveness, assessment of the users’ knowledge level. Certainly, the analysis of the report shall identify situations where solution improvements are possible.

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