Supraveghere video servicii securitate clădiri și perimetru eta2u

As the name itself suggests ETA2U Perimeter & Building Security Services - Video Surveillance is a set of interconnected systems meant to  acquire images from different areas, in order to prevent and protect the beneficiary against unwanted actions
As far as their composition is concerned, these systems consist, generally, of:

  • Video cameras – devices which are strategically positioned, indoor our outdoor, in different places, so as to ensure effective protection. From the standpoint of the video signal being transmitted, these video cameras may be ANALOG video cameras or IP video cameras.
  • Storage systems – equipment which receives and stores the images transmitted by the cameras and makes them available to the authorized user, on request. Such devices are known as DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Among the benefits of these systems we may highlight:

  • surveillance of your business from wherever you are, the only requirement being an Internet connection both at the location where the video surveillance system is installed and at the location where you are when you wish to access images;
  • supervision of your employees even when you are not on the premises
  • activity analysis to increase productivity
  • analysis of the inflow of customers
  • elimination of suspicions

Basically, these systems may be installed anywhere. We may list some of the usual locations, without being exhaustive:

  • warehouses
  • stores
  • banks
  • schools
  • industrial plantations
  • gas stations
  • pharmacies
  • money exchange offices
  • parking lots
  • casinos
  • various public or private institutions

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