A fire detection system is an set of systems meant to detect any fire as early as possible and to generate a visual and acoustic alert. 

Usually, these systems are made up of:

  • Fire detection central – all system elements are connected here and it controls the system’s functionality
  • Fire detector – it is the device, which connected to the detection central, acts for warning on any fire and sending the adequate warning to the detection central
  • Repeating panel – peripheral equipment by the help of which the user can operate the system by using a remote access password, when the operator is not physically in the same room as the central. Usually, that happens when the central is in the servers room and the operator may be in the guard cabin or at the front desk / secretariat.  
  • Alarm sending equipment (communicators) – they act for taking over all notices from the central and to send them further, to the predefined users, which can be the rapid intervention dispatcher, the firefighters, etc.
  • Visual and acoustic warning equipment – they are the devices by the help of which a fire detection system warns on a fire by the help of sound and / or lights it has.
  • Manual actuation button – that button may be actuated if emergencies occur, by breaking the protection glass against accidental use. That button will overwrite any notice received from the smoke detectors and the alarm will be began at once.

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