Alarmare antiefracție și protecție perimetrală

An intrusion alarm system prevents the entry of unauthorized people into certain spaces by detection of their presence, visual and sound alarming and silent remote notification of the intervention teams.
Such a system is made up of:

    • Detection elements – various equipment that detect the presence of persons
    • Command keyboards – peripheral equipment by the help of which the user can operate the system while using an access password
    • Alarming central – the main equipment to which all elements of the system are connected and which manages the entire ensemble
    • Alarm sending equipment (communicators) – they take over the signals from the central and transmit them further, to the predefined users, which can be the fast intervention dispatcher’s office or other persons entitled to access
    • The visual and sound warning equipment – those devices by means of which an intrusion warning system signals that unauthorized people entered the premises, using lights and / or sounds.

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