ZAX Solution is the complete software package for business management for the small and middle-sized enterprises. It is a modular and very versatile solution that may well be a solid development basis for a company. The modularity of Zax Solution by ETA2U enables its integration with existing software solutions and the bi-directional data exchange, while the integration of ZAX to the hierarchical basic level of the IT structure of an organization offers the possibility to collect data in real time from the production line.

ZAX Solution contains both elements required for the enterprise resource planning (ERP),  supply chain management and communication with the suppliers (SCM), distribution and sale of finished products and management of customers and or price policies (SSM). Certain functionalities required for the operation of an organization, product locations and picking (WMS), distribution fleet management (ZAX Park) or the interaction of the sales agents on the field with the customers using ZAX Agents are also facilitated.

ZAX solution is available on-premise and cloud as a client-server application.

Main benefits obtained by implementing the ZAX Solution:

  • Reducing expenses by minimizing the downtime, the procurement times and the production outage times.
  • Improving the cash flow by reducing the warehouse stocks - goods, raw materials and consumables.
  • Maximizing profit by improving the decisions based on current data and reports.
  • Product tracking and genealogy - product, batch, lot.
  • Full traceability, from the introduction of the raw material to the finished product.
  • Full integration of all the manufacturing processes and machines - status, operator, time reports and so on.
  • Automation of the manufacturing processes by using the operations catalogs and technological steps.
  • Minimizing scrap and the possibility to assess the impact of the new products.
  • Maximizing stock rotation and therefore increasing liquidity.
  • Increasing the degree of exploitation of resources and capacities.
  • Planning and monitoring production or simulation and experimentation with new processes.
  • Status, resource assignment and alerts.
  • Data collection and acquisition, creation of an extended and accessible history.
  • Quality management.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Document control and Security integrated with control of user access control.
  • Tracking work in progress.
  • Planning and scheduling for distribution, purchase and production.
  • Tracking and advanced analysis of distribution.
  • Increases the accuracy of the manufacturing process.

While the users of ZAX Solution will appreciate the benefits brought by:

  • Paperless process documentation.
  • Facilitates the communication processes.
  • Enables traceability.
  • Significantly reduces the time dedicated to obtaining reports and accounts.
  • Offers real-time information on operations and machines.
  • Contributes to the growth of the employees' productivity
  • New employees integrate in a shorter time.
  • The risk implied by the personnel rotation is eliminated.
  • Offers increased visibility on all the activities performed.
  • Tracking Performance Indicators of the plant.