January 2015: we are still receiving “thank you” messages from some of our collaborators.
We were happy to close the year 2014 in the spirit of Christmas, through the involvement of ETA2U in the humanitarian campaign “Smile gifts” that supported children from families with modest material possibilities.

ETA2U through its Training Center division, has offered the large public 3 free courses: Image design with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft PowerPoint User training.
The courses of ETA2U Training Center enjoyed a special success especially among trainees and trainers alike, as each participant to the training has contributed with a toy, an item of clothing or sweets that were afterwards donated to families in need with children aged between 1 and 14 years.
The colleagues from ETA2U Training Center have managed to offer to all participants to the course a chance to learn new things, thus being able to bring their own passion to life. At the same time, they have created the framework of involving trainees in the humanitarian campaign “Smile gifts”, whose result was the joy of the children.
We would like to thank each and everyone involved and we invite you to stay close to us. We are preparing new surprises for the ETA2U Training Center 2015 calendar and new activities so that we may experience the pleasure of a new collaboration.