Soluţii de securitate IT de ultimă generaţie -  oferite de ETA2U prin noul parteneriat încheiat cu gigantul Palo Alto Networs

Palo Alto Networks Platform

The world is changing. IT is changing. Information must circulate, be quickly accessible, from anywhere, from any platform, by the employees, customers or partners. The associated risks grow in direct proportion with accessibility, while the chances of information compromise and loss of reputation are very big.

Cyber-attacks are not done by magic. These rely on a chain of logical operations, based on which someone or a group of people try, step by step, to search for breaches in the IT system of a company. The attackers' techniques or tools obviously change in time, but they must keep certain classic patterns and it is on these very classic patterns that the classic security solutions relied on. Yet, it is enough not to identify this pattern one single time for the data of a company to become compromised.

Palo Alto Networks rebuilt from scratch the way in which traditional companies used to offer security solutions and realized a next-generation platform where traditional, virtual or hybrid infrastructures may co-exist. The platform has several levels, starting from cloud, networks and to the final user, offering at the same time visibility and control at any moment. The platform protects the applications and the users, starting from the mobile equipment and all the way to complex hybrid infrastructures. Endpoint Protection offers a high level of protection in case of a cyber-attack, much higher than a classic anti-virus solution.

The automation of the platform allows fast detection and blocking of new attacks, without involving personnel resources. At the zero moment of a new threat, the assignment of a person to apply security patches is no longer needed inasmuch as the cloud-based threat intelligence system and the Advance Endpoint Protection operate in a common architecture.