During the latest 24 months, Cisco has renewed its whole portfolio of collaboration solutions. From software to hardware, designers and engineers have paid attention to the smallest details in order to deliver simple and accessible collaboration services to a larger number of people. After the new collaboration technologies for meeting rooms and desktop presented in 2014, Cisco has launched in the beginning of this year the latest collaboration systems:

  • Business Edition 6000S, complete collaboration platform, integrated in a Cisco router;
  • TelePresence IX5000, the communication system for large companies which provides an experience of video collaboration never seen before;
  • Project Squared, a business application and a communication solution for SMB's with at least 25 employees

The simplest and the most accessible collaboration platform for SMB's

Companies from the mid-market segment have now access to the new Business Edition 6000 complete collaboration platform, integrated in a Cisco router, which provides voice, video and collaboration solutions, designed especially for companies with at least 25 users. For the first time, customers can benefit from collaboration technologies integrated in a Cisco 2921 router for integrated services, thus having access to complete routing, security, wireless and collaboration services in a single device. BE6000S is easy to install and maintain, featuring an intuitive management interface that helps reduce costs.

Cisco TelePresence® IX5000 series telecommunication system, designed for large companies, provides a video collaboration experience never seen before for groups of 6 – 18 people sitting in the same room while using only half of the bandwidth it required until now (H.265 compression), three 4k cameras assigned to previous systems with three screens, with a power consumption lower than the one required by a hairdryer (less than 10 MAh).
It is said about TelePresence® IX5000 that is an „no compromise” experience. Whether users are sitting or standing, the unique combination of three 4K cameras – an industry first – captures perfectly and continuously the entire room at UHD quality. Strong graphics allows fluent transitions between people and information, and the images on the whiteboard are digital controlled to provide remote participants a clear view on the content, without requiring additional cameras.
Always connected, from anywhere, from any device

Managers can now manage their business more simply, directly from their smartphone through Project Squared. Project Squared is the new business collaboration application, which enables you to connect with the colleagues and the team – dedicated to teams and groups working together. The application provides acces to chat, video, audio, virtual meetings and content sharing , whether we're talking about single projects or involving the activity of a team or department. It's simple, fast, intuitive and free. It's a new way of working, adapted to nowadays world – always on the move, always connected to evolution. The application is a project that permanently receives improvements and requires user participation.

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