ETA2U has recently begun to produce and sell info kiosk terminals with touchscreen under its own brand HUSKtech.

HUSKtech info kiosk are available on the market as quality and very reliable equipment, only best quality components are used for their production, as the equipment features a modern design and exceptional quality. Based on touchscreen technology, info kiosks allow computer interaction in the most intuitive way possible without requiring additional peripherals such as mouse or keyboard.

These info kiosks can be used in the following domains:

  • Public institutions, to reduce crowding in front of information offices of fiscal administration institutions, town halls, embassies;
  • Providing useful information by public institutions to customers related to required forms. These forms can be automatically printed after being selected
  • Public information related to various events (fairs, exhibits,etc);
  • To promote products and services in specialized fairs, exhibits, auto show-rooms, banking institutions, shops, airports and transport institutions, etc.;
  • Interactive presenations for museums, art collections;
  • Train or plane ticketing, check-in;
  • Internet access in public areas.


We would like to mention that ETA2U produces and sells info kiosks for indoor and outdoor use, multimedia, interactive table, wall mountable terminals, urban information equipment and digital signature equipment, custom info kiosks.

Customers can select based on their preferences the color and customization. The metal casing of the HUSKtech info kiosks has electrostatic painting, assembled without any visible screws or nuts, the compartments have key secured doors so that they cannot be vandalized. The whole assembly is naturally ventilated, for indoor equipment, whereas outdoor devices have a temperature control system.

Additionally to its basic configuration, the info kiosk can be customized as follows:

  • Stainless steel keyboard+Trackball;
  • UPS;
  • video boards with support for 2/3/4 monitors or one monitor and a beamer/plasma
  • secondary display;
  • thermal printers specially designed for info kiosks, with paper dimensions 58/80/112/A4 (mm) and roll diameter up to 350 mm;
  • Ticket printer: printer for paper tickets with/without magnetic strip. The printer can encode the magnetic strip and also thermally print various information on the back of the ticket;
  • Card reader: magnetic/smartcard readers or 2D/3D barcode readers;
  • Web/network camera: internal or external video/photo camera for surveillance;
  • telephone receiver.

For further details, please contact our colleague Florin Zavoian – Product Manager, ETA2U at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.