Servicii IT cu aplicabilitate la PC-uri

  1. Warranty and Post Warranty Repairs, maintenance and support for HW equipment, technical support services. These operations may be carried out both at ETA2U's premises and at Client's premises, throughthe OnSite Service. ETA2U has available a significant stock of replacement parts meant to reduce the troubleshooting and effective problem solving times.
  2. HelpDesk Remote IT support, which provides: remote technical support on clients' website, on intervention call, or as constant presence on clients' website;
  3. 1click2U is a remoteIT service, made possible through the direct web-based connection between your computer and the ETA2U IT Service, expert's computer, with the expert's consent.
  4. Software Implementation and Support:
  • Software Installation and Configuration;
  • Automated Software Installation on a high number of workstations, specific to business clients;
  • Software Patch Management, AV Implementation, automatic backups;
  1. IT Security
  • Internet/Intranet Security Services;
  • Security Policy Implementation;
  • IT Security Auditing;
  • Management and maintenance of backup operations;
  • Antivirus solutions;
  1. Data Recovery

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