Unexpected effects of virtualization – more effective and simplified backups

Although we are now well into post-virtualization (IDC reports more than 75% global server virtualization) and apart from the benefits mentioned initially (lower hardware acquisition costs, larger use of available resources, simplified management and enhancement of High Availability systems), a software ecosystem exclusively dedicated exclusively to virtual media, made up of systems constantly improving such processes, has been developed.

Virtualization of Storage Equipment

After the virtualization of servers and of stations, ETA2U proposes the virtualization of storage equipment.
The largest pork meat processors in the world (Smithfield Foods) has a processing unit in Timisoara. The slaughterhouse has been constantly modernized, the production lines being fully automated and controlled by computer systems, while its maximum capacity of 600 pigs per hour generates huge quantities of data that must be stored and accessed in real time by the elements of the system.

Customized for performance! HUSKtech solutions from ETA2U

PCs have been changing in recent years and they keep changing. This transformation refers not only to our expectations in terms of performance, but also in terms of shape and utilization manner. If a segment clearly detached itself and moved towards the handheld devices, there surely remained a segment of users who still need desktop equipment: content creators (programmers, designers, etc.) or users in special locations (production, energy, transportation, health care, etc.).

HPC (High Performance Computing) Cluster at the West University of Timisoara

Main objective: increasing the processing capacity of the WUT Data Center

From a technical standpoint, the new project comes to complete the HPC (High Performance Computing) platform existing in the Data Center of the West University of Timisoara, installed by ETA2U. This project provides the expansion of the integrated research platform based on the new IT technologies, which determined an increase of the processing capacity required to solve complex research themes. To be more precise, the processing capacity of the existing HPC platform was increased by 4.5 Tflop, this power being developed by the 7 IBM processing units in combination with 7 GPU processing units from Nvidia, all hosted in an IBM BladeCenter H chassis.

VDI at Electrica Transilvania Nord – a new project under the ETA2U brand “All that glitters is not gold”

I strongly believe that the server virtualization story has reached almost all companies in Romania that own more than 5 dedicated servers. Moreover, I am sure that at least 50% of the companies have already attempted some type of virtualization for those servers and the results were better than the scenario involving physical servers. Of course, there is quite a range of possibilities to optimize the configuration parameters and settings, which would bring profitability and flexibility of the virtualized server media as close to the maximum, but that is not the subject matter of this article.

A new successfully concluded ETA2U virtualization project

ETA2U is proud to announce the completion and final acceptance of the computing systems conversion and virtualization project within Electrica Transilvania Nord. The implementation of the project entailed the creation of a vSphere Enterprise 5.0 virtual platform in the data center infrastructure of the beneficiary and its integration with the existing critical systems  – IBM SAN Volume Controller, Brocade SAN Fabrics, Cisco Catalyst Core Switches.

Hosting or the prospect of investing smart money in IT

ETA2U has been providing custom-made hosting services within a project-based Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) portfolio for two years. ETA2U also provides webhosting, email hosting or physical server collocation services. The data center virtualization platform stands out by the redundancy mechanisms and access security and isolation technologies used.

ETA2U – virtualization project implementation for Intesa Sanpaolo Romania

The project consisted in the implementation of a fully-integrated VMware Enterprise project into the bank’s existing IT infrastructure and the migration of over 70 physical servers to the virtual environment.
By this project, Intesa Sanpaolo Romania, part of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, attained two major goals:

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