ETA2U has been providing personalized hosting services as part of a project-based Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) portfolio for two years. ETA2U also provides webhosting, email hosting or physical server collocation services. The data center virtualization platform stands out by the redundancy mechanisms, as well as the access security and isolation technologies used. 

2011, the year during which investments were made in ETA2U’s hosting infrastructure
The concept of ‘hosting’ with its strong and weak points has been extensively covered, probably too much in our opinion. That is why this article should not be construed as an overview of what hosting means technically or in terms of direct benefits obtained, but rather as an approach to the infrastructure development and maturity level attained through constant capital injections by ETA2U during the recently-ended year.
‘Professionalism as I understand it requires besides top-notch specialists an orderly, audited and sized-up organizational structure not short of procedures and standards that may greatly enhance engineering. Despite the macroeconomic outlook calling for caution, 2011 was ETA2U’s landmark year for large investments in almost all technical areas composing the hosting infrastructure: communications, storage systems, process servers, etc. The main reason behind this decision, taking into account the current market conditions, is the willingness to get ready to provide customers with a cutting-edge service portfolio in the subject domain. This is what we believe to have been a winning bet in the development of a sustainable business direction in the long run’, said Mr. Pau Alexandru, Lead Project Manager at ETA2U.
The communication platform available in our datacenter was dramatically improved in terms of both installed capacity and operated equipment. The service providers directly present in our Data Center include RCS&RDS, UPC, Euroweb and Orange. Connections and peering arrangements with these providers enable Gigabit data transfers for most domestic customers. According to the future traffic dynamics, ETA2U will create other private peering arrangements so that data transfers to each and every user take place under the best conditions. Redundant Juniper J-Series routers were acquired to handle the extra capacity; the ‘primary’ connections for BGP sessions are taken over by J 6350. 
The investment project also covered the installation of a new 140 kVA generator set capable of providing power to all computing hardware and communications systems (including auxiliary cooling units, access control systems, and lighting systems in case of extended power outage). 
Huge investments in the data processing and storage infrastructure were made in terms of resources to such extent that it may now accommodate over 10 physical servers within a clustered, fully-redundant structure. As for storage systems, the deployed architecture became highly complex due to the mixed use of SAN / NAS protocols including SAS, FC and iSCSI connections and well-established systems coming from manufacturers such as NetApp (the NetApp FAS2040 series being the latest acquisition in this respect) and IBM.

Our customers
The virtual hosting services in ETA2U are provided by the professional service department called ITPS.
‘The hosting services market grew up incredibly within the past years. We now witness a revolutionary phenomenon in which trespassing technical barriers comes true and that at a fast pace. Hosting used to be related some 3 to 4 years ago with limited-functionality hosting services like domains, web or email, but now we can talk about complex scenarios in which needs such disaster recovery, hosted ERPs, backup, fully-dedicated servers, Microsoft or open source technologies become technically or financially feasible for customers willing to use such hosted functionalities’, said Mr. Cristian Leoveanu, Business Unit Manager at ITPS.  
Nowdays, ETA2U works with more than 50 customers ‘hosted’ in its Datacenter. Leasing the necessary computing equipment turns out to be a more cost-effective and flexible solution for companies which have not yet created their own virtual platform including backup/remote replication, hardware redundancy, isolation and monitoring features. 


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