The Challenge: Increasing data security
One out of three vehicles in the world – considering more than 20 million vehicles are manufactured every year - relies on the Comau technology. Comau develops and produces manufacturing automation solutions and is specialized in welding robots. Since 2001, Comau Romania is active in the design and manufacturing of components for welding lines.
Comau Romania counts on a team of 130 design engineers. The provision of the hardware needed to cover the complex design process gradually turned into a hot issue for the IT department of Comau Romania. Project backup was yet another requirement to tackle with. The backup application in use was no longer satisfying the corporate needs. ETA2U was invited under the circumstances to come up with a solution to improve the backup system in place.

The Solution: Implementation of NetApp’s SnapVault backup software
Mr. Marin Bălăian, Area IT Manager at Comau Romania, had only two options in his mind: either to place money in a tape backup system or to keep using the backup-to-disk system, but in an integrated and simpler version. Since the tape backup option could bring no improvement to the fast file restoration problem, a second choice was made: to opt for a NetApp FAS series storage system running on NetApp’s SnapVault software. 
ETA2U endorsed the NetApp partner solution for it provided the best capabilities of all. 
‘The SnapVault (disk-to-disk) backup and data restoration system for NetApp equipment provides higher speed, a simplified and more effective process and some clear advantage over the competition’, said Mr. Radu Oprea, NetApp Product Manager at ETA2U.
The backup software relies on the NetApp Snapshot technology for very effective incremental backups done directly on the primary storage and on open systems such as servers running on Microsoft Windows.
‘SnapVault is user-friendly. Once everything set, it works perfectly well’, said Mr. Bălăian. ‘With the new solution, we are now able to secure all project data on a daily basis and provide several restore points to users’.
Comau’s IT team set the system to take a backup every four hours with four Snapshots/day and availability for two weeks.

The Benefits: A ‘break’ for the IT team and higher productivity
The backup process in Comau Romania neither any longer consumes IT staff resources nor requires week-end interventions. The new solution relieved the management load and solved the issue of network jams. Backup is now at least five times quicker than before; this shorter time is also owing to the efficiency of NetApp’s storage systems. Comau Romania cut down on stored data by more than 63%.
‘Simplicity and reliability are the main features of NetApp solutions. I was really impressed by the AutoSupport service too’, said Mr. Bălăian.
Design engineers may stay confident that their data are safe. There is no need to recreate deleted files or make design changes. Compliance with delivery times is seamless and productivity is maintained at high levels.

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