Main objective: increasing the processing capacity of the WUT Data Center

From a technical standpoint, the new project comes to complete the HPC (High Performance Computing) platform existing in the Data Center of the West University of Timisoara, installed by ETA2U.
This project provides the expansion of the integrated research platform based on the new IT technologies, which determined an increase of the processing capacity required to solve complex research themes. To be more precise, the processing capacity of the existing HPC platform was increased by 4.5 Tflop, this power being developed by the 7 IBM processing units in combination with 7 GPU processing units from Nvidia, all hosted in an IBM BladeCenter H chassis.

This investment maintains the West University of Timisoara at the forefront of Romanian Information Technology. The West University is one step closer to its goal, i.e. to enter the European top of the HPC (High Performance Computing)-wise relevant Universities.
It is also worth mentioning that in the WUT portfolio there is also a HPC IBM Blue Gene/P installed in the same Data Center by the same ETA2U team in 2011.

To put it briefly, an HPC (High Performance Computing) is a special, complex computer, made up of several processors, accessing the same central memory and working simultaneously and coordinately, so that the supercomputer can reach a large computing performance. The operating procedure of a supercomputer is called ”parallel computing”. The number of interconnected processors for a supercomputer, in certain models, even exceeds 100,000. For the sake of comparison, a normal "scalar" computer contains one single central processor.
The HPC (High Performance Computing) Clusters prove to be very useful in complex modeling and simulation within the modern research activity, specially in the following fields:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • geology
  • aerospace industry
  • medicine
  • meteorology
  • physics
  • mathematics, cryptography
  • military technology

Having a vast experience in this field, ETA2U managed one more time to keep a high standard in the system design and installation and concluded this implementation in compliance with the planning agreed with the West University. Working in close collaboration with its partner, IBM, ETA2U proved once again its professionalism, by observing the exigent standards of the HPC (High Performance Computing) field imposed by the producer.
The expansion was carried out both at the level of processing equipment and the communication infrastructure, electrical infrastructure and air-conditioning infrastructure.
This project also entailed the realization of an inert gas fire suppression system to ensure safety in the operation of the processing and storage equipment within the HPC (High Performance Computing) Data Center.
The beneficiary appreciated this project as being a valuable achievement that endows the academic milieu with a solid IT base to support the reasearch activity.

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