Virtualization Cluster Expansion and Exchange Server Upgrade in Electrica Transilvania Nord

Over the past 5 years, Electrica Transilvania Nord has been building a virtual infrastructure based on VMware vSphere Enterprise hypervisors meant to support several virtual machines for the current workloads: application servers, messaging servers, patch inventory and distribution servers, Domain Controllers and so on. The firs cluster realized in 2012 was built using existing servers, improved to a level that may support several virtual machines. That project was from a series of standpoints a sort of “pilot project” to validate the functionality and stability of VMware virtualization solutions within Electrica's data center.

Migration to Windows 10 using Microsoft System Center 2012 for a valued ETA2U customer

It's no secret that most companies did not opt for the migration to Windows 8. Numerous administrators had an unpleasant experience when migrating from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7, and, for this reason, they were simply not prepared to re-experience it by migrating to Windows 8. The specialty blogs also showed their discontent with respect to Windows 8, particularly because of the user interface and lack of the start menu, which reconfirms why there was such an intense migration to Windows 8. Although the user interface is probably not such an important factor as far as companies' refraining from migrating to Windows 8 is concerned, there are still many unspecified reasons.

Informatics Audit Services

The Audit Services provided by our company are first and foremost confidential. And since we couldn't find a fast and safe way to make this message self destruct after being read we will avoid mentioning the names of the companies or other details. What we may say instead is that the IT Audit Projects have been experiencing a significant growth in 2015. This is a relevant hint to confirm the process of maturation of the IT market, on which Gigahertz and Terabytes no longer mean absolutely everything within the internal processes of companies, and elements such as procedures...

Electrica Transilvania Nord - successful implementation of “Flash Acceleration Project”

ETA2U announces the successful completion of a new project executed for Electrica Transilvania Nord. The project targeted the implementation of a Flash acceleration solution for the virtual environment, aimed at boosting the performance of the applications used in the company, by improving the response times and the storage system access times.

To reach the objectives of the project, the existing VMware vSphere 5.5 cluster was equipped with one PCI Flash Card for each server, in order to accelerate the virtual machines both for the “write” and for the “read” operations. A Pernix Data solution was used in this case, a solution deemed “Best in Class” by the VMware Users' community.

Consolidation, virtualization solution and monitoring at Oradea Transport Local SA

ETA2U ended 2014 successfully by completing the project of consolidation, solution and monitoring for an important client in our portfolio: Oradea Transport Local SA, a project that targeted several elements. First of all it dealt with the consolidation of the VMware virtualization platform, with an upgrade to the latest stable version vSphere ESX 5.1, the realization of redundancy for the connections to the storage hardware and an upgrade of the versions of the virtual machines up to date.

Active Directory deployment for 600 work stations in Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent (ALU) is one of the greatest foreign capital investments in Romania and probably, the investor that has influenced the most the business environment in Timisoara. In the last 15 years, Alcatel has reshaped the curricula of technical universities, the work force market in the IT and communications domain, and even the real estate business in downtown Timisoara. Closely connected to the Alcatel’s activity in Timisoara is the opening of the honorary consulate of France in our city.

A recent successful implementation: Backup and disaster recovery solution


TMD Friction is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of original friction and braking equipment for the automotive and railway industry. To a company with a vision, IT is a strategic component in the development process and therefore a differentiator in the market. In its efforts to obtain a high level of availability and to reduce costs related to IT infrastructure, the company as adopted VMware technologies dedicated to server and desktop virtualization. TMD Friction was already operating a cluster consisting of 3 VMware ESXi servers, but the implementation of operational continuity included data replication into a secondary datacenter.

ETA2U’s subsidiary in Oradea successfully completed the implementation of the NetApp backup solution

One out of three vehicles in the world – considering more than 20 million vehicles are manufactured every year - relies on the Comau technology. Comau develops and produces manufacturing automation solutions and is specialized in welding robots. Since 2001, Comau Romania is active in the design and manufacturing of components for welding lines.

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