When it comes to technologizing in agriculture, an association is made automatically with complex watering systems, intelligent machineries or advanced monitoring systems. However, when a company operating in the farming field is confronted, in the first phase, with the same IT problems confronting any other company, we must take into account the efficient management of internal resources and assets. The sustainable growth of every company is based on a concrete image of the current state offered by an ERP software solution.

Such a need was also presented by Banatfarming, one of the largest companies in the farming field in Banat, which carries out activities of compaction of farm lands, their cultivation and animal husbandry. Being equipped with a fleet of various farming machines and repair workshop, a spare parts warehouse, a fertilizer, seeds and pesticides warehouse – the management of consumption and of procurement for the activities during the seasonal farming works was becoming difficult and time-consuming. ETA2U proposed the implementation of the ZAXDepozit component of the ZAXSolution software suite.

ZAXDepozit is the ideal basis on which a complete software infrastructure may be built. This allows the company to manage relationships with the suppliers – invoices, orders and delivery notes, both by means of registrations into the system and by associating scanned files to every entry. Thus, the users of Banatfarming were allowed to easily monitor the documents being generated and have controlled access to them. Further more, all the internal movements of products are managed within the application through documents of transfer between locations, creating a trace of every transaction in the system and a traceability basis.

In particular, Banatfarming required an adjustment of the stock management flows by implementing a form of WMS (Warehouse Management System), through which the users may indicate physical locations of the product in the designed storage area. Therefore, every single stored product received a physical location, which was printed on the label with a barcode associated to the product. ZAXDepozit is integrated with ZEBRA – ZT220 print equipment and the products are identified through a ZEBRA – LS2208 wireless scanner. The implementation of ZAXDepozit with the ZEBRA equipment had to take into account the peculiarity of Banatfarming, the location being close to the agricultural operations.

Among the requirements of Banatfarming and solved by the ZAXSolution there was also the issue of obtaining more easily the consumption reports for every single machine. ZAXDepozit was therefore adapted so as to allow the association of every consumed part with a machine from the catalogue and their reporting on demand.

The benefits brought by the implementation of ZAXDepozit are:

  • Visualizing more easily the state of the current stocks in the implemented locations
  • Detailed traceability
  • The possibility to monitor the stock balance on a certain time period
  • Extended track record of the relationship with suppliers
  • Detailed reports with real-time data
  • Reduction of time needed for inventories
  • Raising users' awareness with respect to handling internal resources
  • Easy identification of products based on locations
  • Detailed reports in real time
  • Easy centralized access to Security data based on roles.

From a different angle, ZAXDepozit is only a component of ZAXSolution by ETA2U, a scalable and reliable software suite, built around the need to solve traceability problems.

Once again we can confirm that using ZAXSolution within a production site has never been more relevant than it is at present, when the economic market experiences constant changes and the producers must be able to constantly adapt.

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