Upon accession to the European Union, farmers and livestock farmers in Romania had to quickly change their development strategy, from a relatively stagnant market to a dynamic market where large international organizations set product prices. Entry into the European Union's internal market is governed by the criteria set out in the Common Agricultural Policy, which aim at both rural development and environment protection rules. In order to be competitive, both in terms of product costs and their quality, it is necessary to implement a farm management solution - ZAXFerma.

The ZAXFerma software solution provides the tools needed to manage an animal farm, managing livestock feeds from breeding rearing, animal identification and registration in accordance with ANSVSA (Veterinary Sanitary and Animal Safety Agency) rules in force. Also using ZAXFerma, it is easy to track the cost calculation per kg of animal and food, help with animal testing and live weight monitoring as well as weight gain. 

The data that livestock farmers traditionally collect in bulk registries make it difficult to report in real time using ZAXFerma. Critical information for farm progress is easily visible and allows for quick decision making. Evolution of growth batches may be influenced by external factors, including temperature changes, this changes are reflected in the rate of weight gain of animals relative to food consumption. Thus, capitalizing them at the right time can make the difference between loss or profit.

Animal husbandry management is also done financially, and for the evaluation of the profitability of the lots it is necessary to follow closely the feed consumption and the distributed medication, the energy resources used or the personnel involved. 

During the course of growing livestock batches, external causes may also occur, these causes can be quickly identified by querying the collected data, presented in the form of comparative graphs, giving the manager the possibility to limit the impact caused. 

In addition to the reporting capabilities offered by ZAXFerma, the implementation of a livestock management information system is also a form of keeping track of batch growth history. The detailed traceability implemented on the farm adds value to the customer relationship, representing a product quality guarantor and a form of limitation of liability for situations where damage to products occurs during transport or storage.

Farmers operating in animal husbandry are assisted in livestock management by using alternative units for parallel records of animals, such as number of pieces, heads, table. ZAXFerma allows grouping of animals in batches and sublots based on diverse criteria such as age, weight or physiological aspects. Animals can be tracked by integrating with hardware devices such as bar code readers or microchip reader rods. Environmental sensors can be housed within growth stacks to maintain optimal parameters for resource consumption.

In the case of animal husbandry, reporting takes specific forms and encompasses weight gains, weight-to-weight transfers and the actual and standard feed-in-feed consumption.

All of this information is provided in an intuitive interface that allows the user to enter data regardless of the environment in which they work. The representation of the data is tabular, the division of the stalls in the boxes being represented in individual cells, the information being restricted and summed up as necessary.

ZAXFerma is addressed to any type of animal breeding farm, regardless of size or specificity, specific elements such as indexes, box and stack distribution, or cost categories are configurable. Access to ZAXFerma is through a client application, using a username and password based on subscription.

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