On October 10, 2018, ETA2U participated in one of the largest events in the IT & C industry - Cisco Connect 2018, where ETA2U specialists presented an innovative solution for intelligent energy management based on the LoRaWANTM wireless communication technology.

The GemaLogic® software platform, developed by Slovenian Solvera Lynx and implemented in Romania by ETA2U, provides a systematic approach to continuously improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, as well as reducing energy costs by up to 10%. Additionally, GemaLogic® meets the requirements for monitoring, measurement and analysis of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard. This solution is suitable for industrial, commercial or public companies regardless of their business or size.

How does it work?

Gemalogic® commercial use cases work in combination with innovative, long-range wireless devices (ComBox.L - https://www.solvera-lynx.com/en/products/lorawan-sensors-comboxl/) that transmit purchased data from energy metering systems and shares them with the GemaLogic® Energy Management Software Platform, where all data is collected, processed and analyzed.

The solution offers companies the opportunity to save time and money by choosing a personalized energy management solution to optimize and reduce energy consumption, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency for their operations, and adapting infrastructure to new environmental regulations.

LoRaWANTM is a radio broadcast protocol that creates smart object networks. The established network uses a star-of-stars topology, with gateways serving as transparent bridges that transmit messages between sensors and the central server.

The structure is similar to a mobile network, but instead of having a single interconnected network, LoRa® allows the deployment of more independent networks over the same infrastructure.

The LoRaWAN Communication Infrastructure Management solution is provided by ETA2U in partnership with Actity, the market leader in IoT communications.


    Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.
    Know the energy consumption, compare it with historical data and predict future energy needs.
    Protect yourself from unexpected energy use.
    Easily install GemaLogic on web servers - works on all operating systems and supports all common databases.
    Get a complete customization of presentation and data reports for different user profiles from the operational level to the management level.
    GemaLogic® can collect data from most measuring devices and sensors available on the market or through advanced communication devices - ComBox.

Solvera Lynx -  is a company specialized in information and communication technologies. The company offers solutions for energy management and remote monitoring in industry and buildings, utilities and the transport sector. The main product in the Solver Lynx portfolio is an energy management software called GemaLogic®.

Actility - is industry leader for large-capacity LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area) connectivity infrastructure. Actity connects the industrial IoT, providing the LoRaWAN connectivity platform, software tools and a rapidly growing ecosystem to enable customers to create IoT solutions that transform business, industries and processes.

ETA2U Innovation - is the business unit that has as main objective the development of solutions focused on innovative technologies through research, development and innovation activities. Our primary focus is on IoT systems and applications, focusing on Low Powered Wide Area Communication (LPWA) technologies.

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