Long term economic development is fully dependent on Global, European and National Initiatives aiming at environment protection, reduce the global warming, stop the eco-system deterioration and invest in energy-saving actions. In addition, for a viable strategy in this direction, experts from various research fields joined their efforts in private or public & private initiatives to support companies in their specific actions for those Goals. ETA2U is a private Romanian Company, headquartered in Timisoara. It has responded to those Goals with an internal Program addressing environment parameters monitoring. The Program can be customized up to the size or type of organization and specific interests. In this way, companies not only comply with the legal regulations but also create the path for an environment economic and friendly activity.

ETA2U has already implemented successfully a few projects from this category, projects which can be used for further developments. In addition to temperature, humidity, particulate matters, barometric pressure and data from the meteorology station (water vapor, mass flow and precipitations), projects can be customized to monitor gas exhaust from various sources. Example of gas monitoring: Carbon Monoxide CO, Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Sulphur Dioxide SO2, Ozone O3, organic volatile compounds VOC.

Monitoring Programs have reporting and alert messages features as well.

ETA2U is the Technical Leader in a recently launched Project concerning Environment monitoring. This Project is in implementation phase and the main goal is Air Quality Monitoring at Bucuresti. The Devices used for this purpose are 13 fix and 2 mobile sensors for: particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10), noise, gases (NO2, SO2, CO), temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. In addition, there will be 50 mobile sensors for particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10) monitoring only. Those 50 sensors will be openly offered from the WEB Site to cover geographically the targeted monitored area. Projects costs are more than 75.000 Euro and they are covered by IKEA România and Fundația Comunitară București.

Project duration is one year and a half. The Project implementation is coordinated by Centrul pentru Politici Durabile Ecopolis and Fundația ETA2U, with the cooperation of other organizations: 2Celsius Network, Observatorul Român de Sănătate and OPTAR – Organizaţia pentru Promovarea Transportului Alternativ în România.

Data collected from the sensors will be openly communicated online and there will be specific information activities concerning Air Pollution in Bucuresti.

(please see also https://www.green-report.ro/bucuresti-statii-masurarea-aerului/?fbclid=IwAR1XKE6c8bggJ3nFG5PNAwDDSVHyFcuA4rA52SEEn455MQRkIpGKZ9NXRaM)

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