ZAXØPaper - is an ergonomic and intuitive application that allows users to easily manage product folders and charts. At the base of ZAXØPaper application are the principles of document management and the concept of centralized publishing to a point of view.

Access and use of ZAXØPaper is restricted by using a credential system based on user name and password and using a role system to condition editing and access rights in certain areas of the application. In the display area, access is controlled by using the user's ID/badge number, either by scanning or by manual input, thus associating their actions in order to increase user accountability

Using ZAXØPaper, users have the ability to easily measure shop-floor interaction with documents relevant to production. Documents associated with a product are centrally controlled and updated to work points on each task. Reporting charts can be created at each workstation and are associated with the extended traceability workload.

ZAXØPaper will lead to the structuring of internal processes by using the preconfigured information in specific catalogs, so information such as machine, user, product are consistently added to product information by prefilling the information catalog. Also, the publication of the files to the machines is done quickly by using the pre-filled product information and the selection of the PDF files from the database. This can be automated further and integrated into existing ERP/MES system for seamless interaction

All information and actions made in ZAXØPaper are memorized and recorded in association with products, user and task. This will eliminate errors in the translation of digital information or archiving issues.

The ZAXØPaper application has two interaction methods for users. Each of these methods is specific to a usage scenario:

  • ZAXØPaper PRODUCTION - has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface designed for touchscreen displays. The interface is specific to the production environment where users with predetermined roles can interact based on the ID to view the required documents and fill in the records
  • ZAXØPaper DESKTOP - is a standard desktop application with a tabbed interface where elevated users - administrator, archiver prepare and publish product folders. The desktop application is the main work and popular method with application information.

ZAXØPaper PRODUCTION interface is thought for touchscreen interfaces, buttons are large and easy to operate. Buttons actions open documents or have specific user chart that require input.

Documents are PDF files that are associated with the production side and read by the users who have their rights according to their role. Read confirmation of a document is made by scanning the authorized user card. There are only large buttons for viewing a document for: page up, page down, zoom in or out and close.

Product charts on the other hand are a more complex entity, chart are custom designed to fit how an operator is used to fill traditional paper charts. This are emulated almost one to one in ZAXØPaper in order to make transitioning to a fully digital system easier. Charts have specific places where operators have to mark generic data like: OK, NOK, N\A or specific value data for measurements

Additionally, most charts need to be filled after a specific template, or by following a product check list. In this situations ZAXØPaper is able to show in parallel the reference PDF file where information is saved for the operator to be able to complete the required values. Reference documents have the same interactions as standard documents opened by users.

User access control for viewing or editing charts is managed using a role system. Access within different sections of the chart is also managed. All completed information can be printed to a standard static report that has the same layout as the original, client approved, paper chart.

On the ZAXØPaper DESKTOP application, users with higher access rights have to define product catalog, production jobs, product PDF files etc. This processes can be automated and create document jobs from 3rd party software.

Benefits of using ZAXØPaper

Deploying ZAXØPaper within the shop floor has immediate and measurable direct benefits like:

  • Complete paperless shop floor
  • Fast deployment for new charts and documents type
  • Increase visibility of document flow and management
  • Improved reaction times regarding document errors
  • Fast response to product changeover
  • Intuitive user access and control
  • Easy to use archive of files and interactions
  • Increased traceability for user actions regarding documents
  • Measurable RoI

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