ZAXSense is the work in progress monitoring component of ZAXSolution. This allows managers involved in manufacturing to visualize and interpret the state of the machines in the production area in an intuitive dashboard. Relevant machine operating parameters are gathered using custom Industrial IoT HW modules and centralized into dynamic charts, updated in real-time with machine operating data and status. Context is added through a specialized reporting interface providing users OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) analysis with one click and complex analyzes for OEE components - quality, performance, availability.

Critical errors and situations are addressed more quickly using the ZAXSense alert function. Upon exceeding preset values for specific parameters, an alert is automatically issued to the responsible staff via regular communication channels (SMS / mail). ZAXSense also offers incident handling through a ticketing module for maintenance, creating an additional layer of information regarding errors, recurring machine failures and incidents that need to be addressed. Based on this data, ZAXSense offers maintenance reaction times analysis and specific maintenance metrics like MTBF.

ZAXSense's solution is a quick response to digitization needs in manufacturing. In most cases, the complete refurbishment of the shop floor is not possible, but the efficiency and performance requirements are more demanding in order to keep the organization competitive. Shop floor visibility needs to be improved. ZAXSense brings all the information you need to make quick decisions in a centralized, easy-to-understand dashboard.

The technical approach to data acquisition, based on the principles of Industrial IoT, allows the integration of all mixed production machines regardless to their type (CNC, injection, press, etc), model, year, manufacturer or communication ports. For each monitored machine additional context information is gathered from operators – such as defective parts, down time reason etc. through a specialized reporting interface designed for touch screens. The information is analyzed in correlation with data gathered automatically and saved in the central database.

Our IoT end node supports up to six connection to various sensors for electrical current, light, magnetic, heat, distance etc. or direct connection to specific I/O ports for digital input. Information from sensors is read at 20ms frequency, packaged, secured and transferred to ZAXSense service using standard infrastructure – 2.4Ghz Wireless or Ethernet connection. ZAXSense end nodes can also use LoRaWAN protocol for communication in denser and more electromagnetic polluted environments for wireless communication. ZAXSense end nodes can be quickly deployed to target machines without affecting machine warranty or functionality; the only steps required are to identify relevant points for measurements and data acquisition.

ZAXSense services uses an innovative Machine Learning (ML) algorithm that identifies patterns for value readings from various sensors and creates a machine timeline easily readable and interpretable by operators. It can identify parts made or production cycles and machine rest or downtime with very high accuracy.

An additional layer with context of identified events is added from machine operators through our ZAXSense reporting interface were users have to select reasons for downtime and rest identified by the monitoring system, add defective parts or use it to open maintenance ticket. Having this additional context from operators allows ZAXSense to create a complete overview of production effectiveness with one click.

ZAXSense offers a dynamic view of production with complex analytics based on time interval, machine, operators and products. It allows for a complex configuration of parameters that are used in OEE calculations in order to account for actual operational time reference like planned production shifts, planned and unplanned production rest times and reasons, product cycles, defective product types etc.

Identify bottlenecks using deep analytics provided by numerous reports such as job & operator performance, OEE, cycle analysis, machine utilization, and downtime history that enables production managers to make more informed and confident decisions. This increase in visibility allows manufacturers to operate more machines with fewer resources, increasing uptime and production by more than 20% on average.

ZAXSense is a complete solution that offers multiple ways of viewing data, users can visualize machine status and production efficiency in real-time with dashboards that include simple color-coded tiles. Provides transparency across the factory floor that empowers works to meet goals. Centralized tile dashboard is designed to be viewed on large screen TVs mounted above each manufacturing cell using a standard web browser.

ZAXSense Structure:

  1. Data Acquisition Module: ETA2U has developed a unique and innovative solution for monitoring and reporting state and efficiency for the production machine. To collect data, ZAXSense uses a universal and non-intrusive Industrial IoT hardware module that reads machine parameters and sends wireless data to the ZAX central database. Additional information such as event reporting, alerts, breaks can be collected from operators and technical staff.
  2. Data Analysis and Interpretation Services: ZAXSense services combine the data collected from machines and operators with planning information. Production planning can be introduced into ZAXSense or imported from external sources. By using machine data and planning ZAXSense can trigger alerts when production cycles are not maintained or incidents occur and allow tracking of how these incidents are resolved
  3. Reporting and analysis: Information can easily be interpreted using dynamic dashboards. ZAXSense offers a general view of production areas for each machine. Users can easily access extensive information on specific availability, productivity and quality (OEE) machines. And due to production planning data, order completion information and production efficiency are easily accessible.

Advantages of ZAXSense

  • Fast and non-intrusive integration of machines from heterogeneous environments into a centralized and uniform solution
  • Configurable and adaptable to the specificity of organization based on catalogs
  • Real-time production data is visualized in intuitive dashboards that empower workers to meet production goals
  • Historical data allows managers to measure process improvements
  • Scalable for organizations of any size with the possibility of gradual implementation
  • deliverable both in Cloud and On-Premise
  • Uses the existing infrastructure of the organization, without requiring any additional changes or investments
  • Quick and easy access to critical information from any device with a web browser
  • Metrics and universally interpretable analysis for production environments, OEE analysis
  • Increasing the visibility of production considerably and highlighting the detrimental factors from efficiency
  • Complex analysis of common causes of loss for availability and quality
  • Enhance shop floor communication
  • Create an extensive history of production parameters for the comparative calculation of efficiency
  • Improvement of intervention times in the event of an incident measurable for the periods of analysis.

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