In spring this year ETA2U won a new Voice & Data Network Infrastructure Deployment Project for the new offices of WIPRO Ltd located in Bucharest, at 169A Calea Floreasca.

As far as the figures as concerned, the structured cabling project for WIPRO Ltd Bucharest consisted in:

  • a 45 calendar days deadline;
  • 93 kilometers of cable;
  • 2378 network ports;
  • 384 OM3 (10G) optical fiber connections;
  • 6 open-frame 45U cabling cabinets;
  • 10 42U server racks;
  • a 25 years' warranty.

Although the time allocated for the execution of the works was extremely short, ETA2U's expert team felt a special sense of satisfaction because they managed to conclude the project within the deadline.

If we were to make a very short - and not very technical - description of this project, we would talk about a voice & data network cabling on a surface of about 15000 sqm, laid out on 3 building floors. The cabling is structured with a star topology, every terminal being connected to a patch cabinet that centralizes these connections horizontally. 

Due to the big port density, the network was distributed in such a way as to have 2 connection rooms on each floor to which the terminal ports were cabled, every connection room being equipped with redundant optical-fiber connections laid out on different physical routes, ending in the server room.

It is an office building so all the network outlets were mounted in floor sockets while the cabling was installed under the floating floor inside perforated metallic culverts.
In this project we only used high-quality exclusive materials supplied by TE CONNECTIVITY (ex AMP - TYCO ELECTRONICS), who is the world leader with a rich networking portfolio and many more.

”We are happy with the way ETA2U realized the cabling project, which for us, WIPRO Romania, was a strategic and important project. Among other things, ETA2U responded professionally to all the standards, to our requirements and we do appreciate the fact that they managed to conclude the project within the deadline we established” declared Mr. Andrei Luca -  IT Lead Bucharest – IMG, WIPRO Romania.

You take great joy and satisfaction when you receive words of praise from demanding clients for a difficult project, having tight deadlines.  
We reserved the structured cabling project realized at WIPRO Ltd Bucharest a place in our project portfolio in the ”one more ETA2U successfully concluded infrastructure project” category.