Following the constant demand increase on the premium segment of office buildings, ETA2U Infrastructure completed the implementation of a complex project that covers all the sections within the weak currents area. During the completion of the project the following were realized: the fire detection and warning system, the communication and voice-data bus systems, the sound system, the video surveillance system and the access control system.

Initial state and implemented solution

Right from the start the project showed signs of being a large-scale endeavor, given that the project area was close to 40,000 sqm. The systems requested by the beneficiary, on all segments, were intended to be at the highest quality standard, with functionalities meant to offer its future occupiers outstanding conditions, within a modern work environment that stimulates creativity.

The implemented solutions required the installation of over 100 kilometers of cables and protection tubes, the use of about 3,000 sensors, the installation and configuration of 6 fire detection systems, access control and telephony and the integration of all the components in a centralized monitoring system that allows visualizing and managing the systems in real time.

A brief description of the systems would be:

A structured cabling network for data and voice:

  • the vertical connections were realized with optic fiber and telephony cables;
  • horizontal connections were realized, on each building floor, to ensure equipment-level connectivity;
  • in numbers, over 50 km of cables were used, 18 patch cabinets with their related UPSs were installed, a telephone switchboard, several hundreds of optic fiber terminal weldings etc.;

Fire detection and warning system:

  • the installed system is analog addressable so that at any time the beneficiary may find the exact place where a fire start occurs;
  • Nearly 3,000 smoke detectors were installed for a maximum efficiency of detection;
  • events are signaled both optically and acoustically in the entire building by means of over 150  dedicated sirens;
  • the alarm can be triggered automatically and manually through the fire alarm buttons;
  • all the events are stored in the system's memory;

The sound system allows sending messages and ensuring a pleasant ambience in the entire building. The systems comprises over 500 speakers and pieces of equipment.

The video surveillance system includes over 140 high-resolution video cameras and high-capacity video recorders. These allow monitoring the events and managing them adequately.

The access control system is used to allow access only to authorized personnel to most facilities in the building. Restriction is realized on several security levels, down to the level of each system user.

Thanks to the centralized monitoring system all the information is managed in a single system and the person in charge may decide at any time and within the shortest time the actions required in a given situation.

For further information, please contact our colleague – Claudiu Busoi, Business Unit Manager Infrastructure, ETA2U, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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