For the companies which own computer parks of over 100 workstations, the opportunity of more economic solutions, easy to manage and with enhanced security rules, are criteria worth analyzing. First and foremost, from the standpoint of the Return on Investment, a process that has no reason to be long-lasting, because VDIs are a solution that has been available on the market for years and that reached the maturity level needed to guarantee the benefits promised by the vendors.

The TMD Friction company already knew the arguments of the desktop virtualization technology that demonstrated practically its advantages within a medium-size VDI project developed in partnership with ETA2U 2 years before. Consequently it decided to expand the project towards a solution that may easily accommodate more than 100 VDIs.

The chosen design is based on Hp Gen9 servers with VMware vSphere hypervisors, 22″ Cisco and Zero Clients Samsung NC221 active network components with Teradici Tera2321.

The benefits generated by the project come from different sources, on the one hand a security component, a virtual desktop infrastructure allows not only an easy and fast update of all the PCs, but also a much more rigorous observance of the security rules within the company as well as an efficiency gain, not only in the IT department, but also for the end user.

For further details, please contact our colleague – Radu Mustață,  Project Manager within ITPS – ETA2U, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.