A connected business empowers its key users to make quick and well-informed decisions. Based on these principles Key Safety Systems (KSS) resorted to the expertise of ETA2U's specialists to accomplish a flagship project, updating the IT infrastructure.

KEY SAFETY SYSTEMS (KSS) is a global supplier of advanced security systems in the automotive industry; their products - inflators, airbags, steering wheels and safety belts are used by all the top producers of automobiles.

The presence of KSS in Romania initiates with a factory opened in 1999. In 2005 they inaugurated a second factory and in 2008 a center of operational support. In 2010 Key Safety Systems brought to completion a new factory in Arad county.

ETA2U is the main integrator of complex IT systems and solutions and the most important supplier of IT products and services in the Western and Central regions of Romania. ETA2U is also one of the most certified companies on the Romanian IT market (technical, commercial and quality), with more than 23 years of experience in the field and a constantly recognized performance through annual nominations in the national tops of the industry. In 2013 ETA2U was awarded the 3rd place in the Top list of the largest IT&C integrator based on the turnover among the Romanian private capital companies.

The intensification of the activity at the Key Safety Systems premises in Curtici created the need for a large-capacity communication network, thus a decision was made to replace the wireless network with an optical fibre network so as to enable an optimal operation of the organization.

The infrastructure project started in December 2014 and continued until the end of January 2015. It consisted in Key Safety Systems RO SRL's desire to purchase 78 Cisco switches.

ETA2U succeeded in winning this project thanks to a very well coordinated team and together with the product managers they managed to finalize the implementation within 2 weeks, observing at the same time the conditions imposed by KSS.

The metric imposed for the new optical fibre network was reached so the project was finalized in accordance with the initial plan.

Given the successful execution of the entire infrastructure project, the IT manager of the KSS factory in Ribita initiated a new discussion with a branch manager of ETA2U Deva, for a new partnership aimed at implementing a virtualization solution using Dell and Vmware support.

The implementation of the new virtualization project was realized by the IT technicians of KSS Ribita together with the IT manager of KSS and the product managers of ETA2U - under careful coordination and consulting. 

For further details, please contact our colleague Simona Tomoie – Branch Manager, ETA2U, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.